Every Marine Admiral’s Devil Fruit, Ranked

The admirals of the Marines are known to be the most powerful military force of the World Government. In terms of power, they are second to none in the organization and hold power over all the lower-ranking Marines. The Admirals are strong enough to fight against the strongest pirates, such as Yonko, or their strongest Commanders, as seen in the Paramount War in A piece.

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To fight against these terrible powerful pirates, they must also have powerful abilities. So far, each of the Admirals in the story have had their own Devil Fruit powers to show off.

6 Ryokugyu’s Devil Fruit

Ryokugyu was one of the new Admirals assigned to the position during the two-year timeskip after a vacancy was created following Aokiji’s departure and Akainu’s promotion. According to Doflamingo, Ryokugyu is a beast in combat. In One Piece’s Wano Country arc, fans finally got to see the power of the Ryokugyu Devil Fruit. Although his fruit remains unnamed at this time, it has the power to create forests and vegetation. With its power, he was able to turn the entire wasteland of Udon into a giant forest.

Furthermore, in combat, he has proven himself strong enough to take down a massive unit of the Beast Pirates on his own. His Devil Fruit also allows him to defeat King and Queen, two of the all-stars of the monster pirate crew. The vines he creates with his hands can draw moisture from his target’s body, leaving them with the same skin. Furthermore, this Devil Fruit power allows him to fly by creating a giant flower from his back.

5 Hie Hie no Mi

Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit and the first Admiral power introduced in the series. Debuting in the Long Ring Long Land arc, this Devil Fruit power belongs to Aokiji of the Marines. It allows him to create, control, and transform himself into ice. With his power, he can freeze anyone to the bone marrow in just a few seconds. Furthermore, he can even freeze an entire ocean with ease, which only shows the strength of his power.

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Aokiji was strong enough to defeat Diamond Jozu, one of Whitebeard’s Commanders, with relative ease during the Marineford war. Furthermore, his Devil Fruit also allows him to encounter Whitebeard multiple times, making him a force to be reckoned with. By turning into ice, he can avoid most of the damage thrown his way. That said, fire and heat in general are definitely the two biggest weaknesses of his power.

4 Zushi Zushi no Mi

Zushi Zushi no Mi was eaten by Admiral Fujitora of the Navy at an unspecified time. Just like Ryokugyu, he was appointed Admiral at some point during the two-year timeskip. Fujitora is a monster in combat, and glimpses of that were shown to fans in the Dressrosa section of One Piece. His Devil Fruit allows him to control gravity, a tremendous power required.

By increasing the weight of anything around her, Fujitora becomes extremely dangerous when engaged in combat. Using crushing weight, he was able to fight Sabo of the Revolutionary Army with ease. Furthermore, Fujitora’s strongest techniques, such as Raging Tiger, are powerful enough to flatten everything with gravity. If that weren’t enough, he can also knock down meteors from space with his gravity.

3 Pika Pika no Mi

Eaten by Admiral Kizaru, the Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago. It goes without saying that this fruit is one of the most powerful fruits introduced in the series so far as it allows Kizaru to transform himself into light and freely manipulate and produce it at will. . This ability allows him to travel and fight at the speed of light, which is extremely difficult to keep up with.

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It also gives him tremendous strength and all of his techniques are powerful enough to take down most characters in a single hit. The weight of Kizaru’s attacks is known to be very large, according to him, speed is weight, which means that being kicked at the speed of light is certainly not easy to recover. If the light-speed kicks aren’t dangerous enough, Kizaru can also fire projectiles of light with techniques like Yasakani no Magatama that can pierce targets to the bone marrow.

2 Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu

Managed by former Sengoku Fleet Admiral, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu is an incredible Devil Fruit of the Mythical Zoan class. Belonging to such a rare class, it’s no surprise that this Devil Fruit is so special. It allows Sengoku to transform himself into a giant golden Buddha capable of generating large shock waves from the palm of his hand.

The shockwaves are deadly, as they are powerful enough to rival the earthquakes generated by the Gura Gura no Mi. However, the full power of the Sengoku Devil Fruit remains to be seen, since he was once a Marine Admiral, it goes without saying that it is hard to believe. As a Zoan type, this Devil Fruit most likely gives him high physical strength and a superior recovery rate. Without a doubt, this fruit remains one of the best viewed in the story.

first Magu Magu no Mi

The Magu Magu no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit eaten by former Admiral Akainu. This fruit is known to have the highest attack power, meaning that no other fruit can surpass it in terms of raw attack output. It allows Sakazuki to produce and manipulate magma at will. Furthermore, as a Logia Fruit, it also grants him the ability to transform himself into magma. Given the highly destructive nature of the power, even a single blow from this fruit can be life-threatening.

During the Marineford arc, fans saw Akainu confront Whitebeard and severely injure him with this power. Without a doubt, Magu Magu no Mi is a special ability that only the strongest fruits, such as Gura Gura no Mi, can match in combat. So far, it’s still the strongest Demon Admiral ability seen in A piece.

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