Every major but currently unsolved mystery in the game

destiny 2‘s The lore is extensive, covering rich thematic elements in the current history timeline, and describing a detailed narrative spanning billions of years. The latest story expansion, The Witch Queen, brought new and exciting twists to the narrative that had been going on for years. Seasonal activities have evolved the story expansion, bringing new and old objectives for players to traverse. This additional content allows destiny 2 lay other foundations and uncover mysteries.


With The Witch Queen revealing that the swarm god Savathun was reincarnated with the light of the traveler as his guardian, the possibilities of where the story could go are numerous. This story not only affects Savathun himself, but creates intriguing possibilities for Wardens devoted to the Traveler, leaving them with uncertainty about their benefactor. incidence of lightthe next expansion, due for release in early 2023, could touch on several significant mysteries that remain unsolved.

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Who or what is the witness in Destiny 2Destiny August 2 Showcase 2022 Expectations Lightfall Expansion The Witch Queen Showcase The Witness Season 18 Arc 3.0 Crafting Exotics Matter Mobile Game

Perhaps some of the most awaited answers yet to come are those surrounding the enigmatic Witness, a being connected to darkness. The Witch Queen The expansion provided some essential information about the witness and its involvement in Savathun, her sisters, and the creation of the Hive species billions of years ago. This information, although suspected by Savathun, reveals that the witness manipulated the swarm goddess through untruths that eventually caused her and her sisters to embrace the worm gods and darkness in order to rob them of the Traveler.

His intention to serve the Darkness and thwart the Travelers has been clear for some time, but the Witness’s origins remain disputed. Savathun has provided conflicting information, claiming that the witness once belonged to a species devoted to darkness, that he created darkness, or was a child of darkness. Since the darkness spoke of itself and claimed to be older than time, it is more likely that the witness is a child or an emissary. Nevertheless, its presence after The Witch Queen shows that it is ready to enter the battle in the solar system.

The reason for the exo-stranger’s time warp

First introduced as a mythological stranger for Guardians at the Tower in the Last City, Beyond the Light revealed the exo-stranger’s identity was Elisabeth Bray. An extremely capable starship and weapons engineer during mankind’s Golden Age, Elisabeth became one of the first Exos – human spirits uploaded into artificial bodies. When Elisabeth’s sister Ana joined the Darkness, it led to the being’s triumph when the collapse took place. For unknown reasons, a time warp began in which Elisabeth was caught in her clutches.

Each time darkness prevailed or Elisabeth died, she would be resurrected during a celebration in the Last City. Throughout the lore, the Exo-Stranger has used her knowledge of the time loops to counter the Darkness’ plans. Recently she prevented the Guardians from falling into darkness and denied the paracausal force a primary hold needed for success. The nature of this time loop has yet to be revealed. Elizabeth’s amnesia is similar to Post-Resurrection Watchers, suggesting the Traveler may have had something to do with it.

Still, everyone responsible for it wants to see destiny 2‘s darkness vanquished. Questions have arisen as to whether what the Exo Stranger is experiencing is a time warp, or if it transitions into parallel realities. Part of Elizabeth’s mythological status in the Tower stems from Guardians being able to see other realities with the naked eye. Whether these realities are parallel worlds or alternate timelines has yet to be fully answered.

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Savathun’s role with the traveller

through The Witch Queen, Wardens journey through Savathun’s throne world trying to uncover how the Witch Queen stole the powers of the Traveler’s Light. A shocking twist reveals that Savathun didn’t steal the light; Instead, the Traveler lent it to her when she died in front of it. The Guardian’s actions throughout the campaign merely restored their memories, much like Guardians do when their spirits revive them. This revelation sends the Wardens into shockwaves, as they cannot understand why their champion would allow a being like Savathun to become a Warden.

While Savathun’s status is unknown, her spirit and worm are still alive and may be attempting to heal her. Savathun’s worm further revealed that during the collapse, Savathun expelled the Witness and Darkness from the solar system to save the Traveler. It may be that Savathun plans to hoard the Traveler and its power for herself, but her actions against her worm and the emotions she’s been experiencing since posing as Osiris suggest her arc has a long way to go way ahead.

The God of War in Destiny 2

The three swarm gods – Oryx, Savathun and Xivu Arath – were integral parts of destiny 2dating back to their origins on the planet Fundament billions of years ago. The Taken King Story saw players kill Oryx, and The Witch Queen Extension dealt heavily with Savathun and her use of the Light. While the forces of Xivu Arath have been seen in the solar system and fought by the Guardians, the God of War himself has yet to appear.

When Savathun made a deal with the Awakened Queen Mara Sov to remove her worm, Xivu Arath hunted down her sister and sent her forces to prevent the exorcism. Despite entering the Dreaming City and the Tower, her attempts were eventually repelled and Savathun’s worm was exorcised. While lore has it that Xivu Arath follows the sword logic of darkness and hunts Savathun at someone else’s behest, her exact role in the story has yet to be revealed. As the witness removes his gloves, the war god’s plans remain unknown.

destiny 2 has no shortage of story and lore, and more content is planned for the future. The Witch Queen provided a wealth of answers and revelations that changed the landscape of the game. However, some significant mysteries remain unsolved, but there is hope that their answers are on the horizon. The nature of the witness, the exo-alien’s time loop, and the future roles of Savathun and her sister Xivu Arath are just a few mysteries to be answered.

destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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