Every game mode in Smite is explained

Smite is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that pits gods from different courtiers in a five-on-five contest.

Available on Xbox, Playstation and PC, Smite brings a twist to the popular MOBA genre with an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective instead of a more top-down perspective.

Smite offers six different modes for every player, ranging from the traditional three-lane experience to faster, more combat-focused modes. Conquest, Arena, Clash, Joust, Assault and Siege are permanent game modes in Smite and comes with a variety of alternate alternate event game modes.

Here are all the game modes available in Smite and how they work.


Conquest is a traditional MOBA experience. The mode is played on a three-lane map with a jungle with the goal of destroying the enemy base, which is a powerful Titan.

Each lane has two towers and a Phoenix guarding Titan. Titan cannot be attacked until two towers and Phoenix in a lane are destroyed. Between each lane is a forest containing different jungle hats that provide boosts, gold, and experience.

There are several main objectives that teams will fight over the course of the Conquest map. Fire Giant, Furys, and Greater Scorpion are jungle campsites that teams will compete against for the substantial rewards obtained for killing them.


Besides Conquest, Arena is one of the most popular modes in Smite. This Deathmatch mode is played in a circular map with several jungle camps on each side providing effects that increase mana, attack speed, and damage. Each team has a base and a portal for minions to appear.

Each team starts with 500 tickets and the goal is to reduce the opponent to 0 tickets. This is done by killing opposing players and minions. Each player destroys five tickets. Each minion kill counts for one ticket until the downed enemy has 10 tickets left.

Minions appear on either side and march to the enemy portal. If a minion reaches the enemy gate, it will deduct a ticket. A minotaur siege minion will spawn every time a team earns 10 lives and will deduct 15 tickets if it reaches the opponent’s gate.

Level up and earn gold accelerated in Arena.


For players looking for the Conquest experience on a smaller scale, Clash is a solid choice. Clash is played on a two-lane map with a forest in the middle. The goal of Clash, like Conquest, is to destroy the enemy Titan. Titan is protected by two Phoenixes.

The forest is smaller than Conquest and contains a unique forest monster Apophis. Defeating Apophis, the team earns 100 to 150 gold, 50 to 100 experience, and grants a spell that restores health and mana every second.


Joust takes place on a single-lane map with the goal of killing an enemy Titan guarded by a tower and a Phoenix. This mode divides two teams of three against each other. The smaller scale means teamfights break out more often than in other Conquest-style modes.

The Joust map has a small forest next to it with a single monster, the Bull Demon King. Defeating this monster grants the team a significant amount of health and mana regeneration. Summoner spells also negate an enemy’s first defense for 90 seconds.


Two teams of five battle in Assault on a single lane map with no jungle. To win the game, a team must destroy an enemy Titan guarded by a tower and a Phoenix.

Assault begins by randomly choosing each player’s god from among the gods they have unlocked. These randomly generated teams will be included in the game. Experience points gained at a fast rate and returning to base will be disabled. The only way to buy items is to die and respawn back at the base.


Siege is the only mode in Smite use groups of four. Two teams of four battle it out on a two-lane map with a jungle in the middle. This mode is a combination of Conquest and Arena. The goal is to destroy the enemy Titan guarded by two towers and a Phoenix in each lane.

Siege uses a ticket system. With 100 tickets, a friendly Siege Juggernaut will appear. These powerful minions help a team advance deeper into the enemy base.

Teams earn tickets by killing Gods, camps, and minions. Each time you kill a minion, you will receive a ticket. Clear the jungle camp or kill the enemy God rewards five tickets.

In addition to Juggernauts, Siege has a unique portal crafting tool. Each base has a portal that is available when that team controls the Juggernaut. Entering the portal will take the player to the friendly Juggernaut. This is a way to continue the attack and get back into the fight quickly after respawning.

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