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There have been just a few completely different characters in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy that placed on the One Ring, and a pair characters within the books that put it on, although it wasn’t proven within the motion pictures. What number of characters put it on, how did they uncover the Ring, and what occurred to them after they wore it?

The Ring in The Lord of the Rings is a small, gold band. Regardless of its small and unassuming look, it’s truly fairly highly effective and linked to a really evil spirit—its creator, Sauron. When mortals placed on the Ring, they’re transported to the Wraith-world, the place non secular beings just like the Ringwraiths exist. After Sauron is defeated, his spirit additionally dwells on this world as Sauron’s lifeforce was certain to the Ring. The Ring (after Sauron’s preliminary defeat within the Second Age) can change its measurement to suit any creature who wears it—after that creature has claimed possession of it, in fact.

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The Ring has a really sturdy pull, and it virtually has a lifetime of its personal and can do something to get again to its grasp. Nonetheless, that is almost definitely simply Sauron (who is basically trapped within the Ring) attempting to seduce these round it with tempting issues like energy, standing, and riches. Sauron is a great manipulator, and makes use of the needs of the wearer of the Ring to persuade them to do his bidding. The Ring seems to be harmless and peculiar to those that usually are not drawn to it, that’s till its inscription is revealed by hearth. For this reason Gandalf was unable to detect the Ring till after Bilbo’s party.

Bilbo Baggins (Ian Holm) and Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) in Lord of the Rings

Sauron was the creator of the Ring, so he’s the one who wore it first. It gave him great strength, and since Sauron’s energy was finite, locking it into the Ring allowed him to have infinite energy. Sauron disguised himself as a good being much like an Elf, and gave himself the brand new identify of Annatar bearing the title Lord of Items. He went to the Elves and pretended to point out them how one can make magical rings which could possibly be used for good. However they have been fooled by Sauron, for the magic the rings possessed was a darkish magic. And in secret, Sauron solid one other ring—The One Ring—which was able to controlling the wearers of the opposite Rings of Energy. In The Final Alliance of Elves and Males, Sauron was defeated by Isildur who reduce the Ring from Sauron’s hand and immediately claimed it for himself. He grew to become the brand new Ring Bearer.

After defeating Sauron, Isildur was the next being to wear the Ring. The Ring was valuable to Isildur, although he purchased it with an ideal ache. He claimed it might be an heirloom to his household. Although the Elf named Elrond (Arwen’s father) tried to get Isildur to solid the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, Isildur was transfixed and corrupted by the Ring, and he saved the Ring for himself. As Elrond stated, the world of Males was weak, and the conflict ought to have ended that day—however evil was allowed to endure. Isildur obtained what was coming to him although, as throughout an Orc ambush, Isildur placed on the Ring to flee (whereas abandoning the opposite Males he was with). However the Ring betrayed Isildur. When carrying the Ring, mortals turn out to be invisible. Isildur grew to become invisible and tried to swim throughout a river, however the Ring deserted him and grew in measurement—inflicting it to fall off Isildur’s finger, making him seen once more. He was shot with a number of Orc arrows and killed.

The world thought the Ring had been misplaced, and after hundreds of years, the legend of the Ring grew to become a delusion. That’s till someday, when Déagol (Sméagol’s cousin) discovered the Ring within the riverbed of Anduin. Sméagol demanded the Ring as a birthday current, however they have been each immediately captivated by the Ring. In the course of the two Hobbits’ battle for the Ring, Déagol dealt with the Ring briefly. However he was killed by his cousin, who then claimed the Ring—calling it his valuable. Sméagol grew to become essentially the most notable Ring Bearer, as he was in possession of the Ring for 500 years. The Ring gave to him unnaturally lengthy life, however he was solid out from society. Dwelling in caves and underground in isolation and in possession of the manipulative Ring, Sméagol grew to become one thing of a monster. The Ring, too, deserted Sméagol who was then referred to as Gollum.

Gollum Lord of the Rings

The Ring was picked up subsequent by Bilbo Baggins—a Hobbit of The Shire. He saved the Ring for 60 years, by no means actually understanding its objective or significance. He simply considered it as his valuable and nifty, magical, invisibility ring. The Ring extended Bilbo’s life and extended previous age. However when Bilbo determined to go away The Shire for one final journey, he left the Ring behind for Frodo. Although he struggled with leaving it behind, Bilbo was certainly one of solely three beings to ever willingly surrender the Ring. The following creature to put on the Ring was Frodo Baggins. Within the books, Frodo saved the Ring tucked away and hidden for 17 years earlier than heading off on his quest to take the Ring to Rivendale. All through the trilogy, the Ring’s burden on Frodo grew to become stronger as they obtained nearer to Mordor. Frodo was unable to let the Ring go, however due to future and an altercation with Gollum, the Ring was destroyed. Frodo did really feel some immediate reduction when the Ring was lastly gone, however he by no means absolutely recovered from the occasions and ended up leaving Center Earth on the finish of Return of the King.

Although Gandalf by no means wore the Ring, he did handle it a few times whereas inspecting it to see if it was certainly the One ring. Although he isn’t within the motion pictures, the character Tom Bombadil was one of many few to ever put on the Ring and provides it up willingly. Frodo took the Ring to Tom, permitting him to deal with it, and the character even put it on briefly (with out turning into invisible). Simply as shortly, he handed it again to Frodo with no battle. And lastly, the ultimate momentary Ring Bearer in The Lord of the Rings was Samwise Gamgee. Sam carried the Ring for 2 days after Frodo was attacked by Shelob, and within the books he even wore it briefly. However his humble and good-natured soul was in a position to withstand the temptations of the Ring, and he gave it again to Frodo willingly with out hesitation.

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