Even Newsmax prepares Dr. Oz Kummer for his slick Crudité video

Things are going so bad for Dr. Mehmet Oz that Trump-backed Senate hope is now feeling the heat even from staunch MAGA cable edition Newsmax.

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman trolled Oz over a resurfaced video from April of the celebrity doctor strolling down the vegetable aisle of a grocery store and fuming about the cost of building a “blank” — mind you, without the tequila. Oz also claimed he shops at Wegner’s, apparently mixing up the names of two local supermarkets – Wegmans and Redner’s.

“In PA we call this a… vegetable tray.” Fetterman joked in a tweet. The Pennsylvania lieutenant governor, who has repeatedly mocked Oz as a carpet digger and aloof elite, also took aim at the former TV star for messing up the grocery chain’s name.

With Fetterman’s campaign boasting of raising more than half a million dollars after the video of Oz went viral, the struggling Republican candidate ran to Newsmax on Wednesday morning in hopes of turning the tide.

Unfortunately for the doctor, he found himself at the end of a pretty tough barbecue from host Shaun Kraisman.

“Let’s get rough when we can,” the Newsmax host said, perhaps ominously. “As you know, this video went viral. You were at Wegmans walking down the vegetable aisle, basically on inflation and how things cost more; Putting together a plate of crudité would cost you more than $20. You said you went to Wegner’s – it’s a very popular grocery store in this area called Wegmans.”

Kraisman popped a question, “Your answer to that?” before piling on, “And not just the video doing the rounds, Fetterman is championing it. He raised quite a bit of money with this video. But it gets straight to the point: Is Dr. Oz related to the everyday, hard-working American over there in Pennsylvania?”

After first bragging about how he “saved lives” and “invented gadgets” as a surgeon and pitcher, Oz insisted he use the French term for a raw vegetable spread and dip for comedic effect.

“You know what I’m joking about? A crudité, which is a way of saying how ridiculous it is that you can’t even put veggies on a plate in the middle of a campaign,” Oz said, face straight.

The TV doctor then went into full campaign pitch mode, delivering a series of blanket talking points about how he’s “the person who got us on the right track and tackled a lot of the challenges” in Pennsylvania.

Undeterred, however, Kraisman returned to his original questions about the Crudité clip.

“I don’t want to commit to it, but just for those watching in Pennsylvania you know how closely a lot of people watch their food, what happened to Wegmans and Wegners?” wondered the Newsmax. “Can you explain that to them?”

Oz claimed the blunder was because he was “exhausted” from “fighting 18 hours a day,” going so far as to say he “got my kids’ names wrong, too.” The doctor claimed these errors should not be “a measure of a person’s ability to lead the Commonwealth” – in the process the roles of senator and governor appear to be confused.

Fallout over Crudité ads isn’t the only problem for Oz’s campaign, which is currently down by double digits in recent polls. The Daily Beast reported Tuesday that while Oz claimed at a recent campaign freeze that he only “legitimately” owns two homes, the multimillionaire actually owns at least ten properties – leaving him open to further criticism for his exorbitant wealth and tenuous ties to the state power .

https://www.thedailybeast.com/even-newsmax-is-giving-dr-oz-grief-for-his-fancy-crudite-video?source=articles&via=rss Even Newsmax prepares Dr. Oz Kummer for his slick Crudité video


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