Eternals told a better found family story than the Avengers movies ever managed

In the past, the MCU has tried to claim that it’s all about family, especially with the Avengers. In Endgame especially focusing on how these characters are supposed to see each other as a family, because so many of them are estranged from their biological families (or their real families have die). However, this always comes down to because audiences are never really told why the Avengers are a family, they’re just told about it. The real moments seen on screen are just scenes of the Avengers constantly fighting, to the point where they have a co-worker relationship, but nothing more.


The MCU has been more successful in its approach towards a family story found with Guardians of the Galaxy but they have fewer screen appearances than the Avengers. In the end, however, it looks like Marvel has managed to build on the family dynamic found with its latest entry: the eternal. The characters this movie revolves around believably family-like are much more realistic than previous Avengers, and director Chloé Zhao has managed to achieve this feeling in just one movie (as opposed to just one film (as opposed to a single film). 11 years Marvel has had with the original Avengers characters). How did the film crew manage to do this, and what exactly is it? the relationship that the Eternals have with each other Which works so well in the story?

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One of the main reasons the Eternals work so well as a family is that the series shows how willing they are to make sacrifices for each other and how willing they are to protect each other no matter what. Gilgamesh and Thena are a perfect example of this, when he offers to stay with her and help her through the struggle she faces with Mahd Wy’ry. Their relationship is so sweet and it’s clear how much they care about each other. It’s so warm and lovely compared to anything the Avengers have ever done for each other because they literally break up whenever the opportunity arises. The Avengers seem to be rarely together unless it’s a co-production, and it doesn’t seem like any of them have given up on their original plans for life to live remotely and care for another member. in the team.

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Of course, that particular situation is extreme, and that alone doesn’t prove they’re terrible role models for a family, but it’s interesting to compare how close the Eternals are to each other. and how much that act of caring was more apparent even when they had less screen time. When they all meet again after many years apart, they talk to each other as if hardly any time has passed, and they don’t seem awkward or uncomfortable around each other. These are clearly people who have spent centuries together, and have a bond so deep that such a (relatively) brief period of time is unbreakable.

The timeframe is clearly one of the more important factors that make them a closer family than the Avengers, because while the Avengers have less than ten years to be a team, the Eternals have been together for a very long time. throughout the ages of human history. Earth. Because audiences are aware of this and see them together throughout various points in history, the believe that close family is active shortly after knowing them on screen. It also helps that the actors all have such good chemistry with each other, you instantly believe they care about each other as much as they do. However, the Avengers movies could have achieved similar dynamics with so many other films, but viewers still rarely get the feeling that the members of the Avengers actually like each other.

A central conflict for so many Avengers movies are groups that can’t get along. That was the main point of their first group in The Avengers, and it never stops after that. In Vengeance Squad: Age of Ultron, they argue about Tony creating Ultron. The entire plot of Captain America: Civil War (fakeAvengers movie) are the Avengers fighting, this time with some major consequences for the team’s future. In Infinity War, they are split in half the runtime and civil war conflict is taking place. Endgame tries to remind the audience that these characters treat each other like family, but it opens up another controversy between Cap and Tony.

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Of course, families have conflicts and arguments, but it seems the Avengers never left the film in the team. The central conflict of the eternal talks about this team and their family dynamics (and the subsequent betrayal they felt when that family bond was broken), but the film ends with conflict and leaves the first two acts for the audience. Let’s see how close the characters are and how much they love each other. each other. When the conflict is over, it looks like it’s over for good. Any future the eternal item There probably won’t be a full storyline about how much certain group members hate each other, because they’ve spent time establishing relationships between the rest of the members in this drama.

The main focus of the plot of the eternal This is why this family relationship is so important, and the story itself is really about family. The “family” dynamics between the Avengers has always felt like an afterthought in their movies, like a subplot to the main point of the story. It always feels like Marvel is trying to tell audiences that the Avengers are more of a family than actually showing it through their actions. Witnessing the dynamics that Eternals already have is refreshing, and it will be great to see more storylines like this in the future of MCU. the eternal and Guardians of the Galaxy is proof that Marvel can tell a good story about found family if they give it the right amount of time and attention, and that makes the characters and their stories relatable. a lot more if they tried to do this more often.

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