Eternals packs some important lessons for the ultimate X-Men reboot

When Disney completed its acquisition of Fox in 2019, X Men and Deadpool are among the prized possessions to be acquired, and now after several years of intrigue the company’s plan for Professor X’s students is finally taking shape. However, like the eternal is providing a rare stumbling block for Marvel Studios, producers should jot down some notes on how to handle their mutant agenda.

In fact X-men first step into the MCU will show up as a sequel to the animated ’90s series that might well be a recognition of how careful Disney has been when it comes to playing its cards. NSMan, SpiderMan, and be the first Batman The cartoon is still considered one of the best comic book adaptations these superheroes have received over the years, and by exploiting nostalgia, the producers are moving further away from the Eternals’ lack of recognition for most viewers.


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Back in the early 2000s when the MCU wasn’t a thing yet, the diamonds in the Marvel crown, NSMan and SpiderMan did their own work under different ownership; However, unlike Sam Raimi’s Spidey trilogy, NSMan longer movie saga made by Fox is more Hit or miss. For this reason, by choosing to link NSMan for a show that is widely loved, Marvel Studios may have ended its first hit, something that the eternal can never be relied on.

MCU Eternals Team Comic and movie version

Interesting, NSManhas some minor canonical relations with the eternal that could be used to introduce future appearances in the MCU. In comic book lore, the Celestials and Eternals have slightly different backgrounds, with one of the most notable differences being that the almighty Celestials actually interact with humans leaving the X-gene recessive later to be found. found in the DNA of Marvel mutants. Admittedly it’s a small reference that the MCU chose to get rid of, and the reason is pretty obvious. the eternal There’s been a lot of work to do Introducing the 10-man squad without having to deal with the constraints of new franchises to the broader MCU, especially in a movie that is – for the most part – trying to do its own thing.

That problem is one of the NSMan can also be encountered as one of the main criticisms of the story is how unbalanced character progressions tend to be. Of course, this isn’t an MCU or even a Sony, NSManThe launch of the year 2000 is for all purposes and purposes the first Marvel superhero blockbuster, and although it was far from perfect, at the time there was no competition until SpiderMan come together. However, even if Marvel Studios still doesn’t know the type NSMan movies that the studio wants to make, as opposed to Fox’s case, the writers certainly have a long-term plan for mutants to join the MCU, whether it’s a sophisticated event or a multiverse that makes Some stories from Fox’s films are partially recognized as mainstream.

x-men 97 Disney revival animated series plus Cropped

Part of the reason why first Avengers the film was a huge hit when it debuted as a stable build-up to its predecessor, as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America only came together after becoming likable independent characters. It’s easy to pick one to love and care for these heroes, which is highly unlikely for Eternals as some of the more casual fans would have a hard time naming the entire roster. Review of Eternals’ struggle with critics and its sky-high box office numbers, making NSMan Conflict in a movie can be a mistake both financially and artistically. Luckily, Disney has plenty of tools to fix this, potentially using post-credits or movie scenes like Deadpool 3 to start a steady supply of mutant power supplies in the MCU.

Regardless, Marvel Studios has yet to clearly define animated shows What if…? and all the new Disney Plus announcements intertwined with the MCU, Mutant 97 very likely to command the need to highlight their importance. Whatever path is taken, the animated series will have a great legacy, a backlog available on Disney Plus, and the ability to use animation to create the foundation for X Men. There are countless ways to deal with this, but one thing Marvel should avoid is for the X-Men the eternal treatment. Wolverine, Professor X, Jean, and Magneto they all deserve a lot more, and while it may prove impossible for all mutants to get a sweeping introduction, when they join forces with the rest of Marvel’s best, the moment That certainly guarantees that he will become one of the best in MCU history. That can only happen if some of the X-Men are given a chance to shine as Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Peter Parker have all done.

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