Eternal Return: Best Support Characters

Eternal return is the perfect combination of a scavenger battle royale combined with a MOBA and a dash of survival. In this brilliantly balanced game, players battle each other in an arena, upgrading gear and cooking food to get the best out of their opponents.

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Fans of this survival hybrid can take on their opponents alone, with a friend, or even a group of friends, making team building incredibly important if you want to go far. Playing as a decent support character who can not only defend himself but help the team is crucial when trying to survive against others.

10 adela

Adela, the strategy queen, literally treats the battlefield as her chessboard as she summons chess pieces to do her bidding. Adela is a popular character used by many gamers Eternal returnand while she fits into the support category, many of her abilities focus on increasing both her own speed and damage, making her nearly invincible.

Depending on what chess pieces are on their metaphorical board, players using Adela have the option to stun or slow their opponent for a few seconds. This is more than enough time for an ally to step in and help defeat the enemy.

9 leon

Although Leon is more of a brawler character due to his lack of healing abilities, this surfer still plays a significant role as a support for allies. As a swimmer, many of Leon’s abilities involve water. He has the power to dive into the pools of water dropped by enemies and allies to travel short distances and get closer to his enemies.

This water can also be used as a shield as Leon can actively target allies after 5 hits to temporarily protect an ally from further damage. He also has the power to knock back enemies with his abilities, which can help others hit them.

8th Sisela

Sissela has a rather sad story as she suffers from an illness that has no cure to this day. Her lines are just as harrowing as her question of whether she should survive, but her survival is important so her allies can live on too. Much like Leon, Sissela has no direct healing abilities, as many of her own abilities damage her health, making her quite a challenge to play.

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She relies on her Ghost Ball Wilson to support herself and her allies as he is the one who performs all attacks. Her main support ability is her Play With Us ability, where Wilson can either pull a target closer or if she’s targeting an ally, give them a temporary shield for three seconds.

7 Adina

As an astrologer, Adina uses the power of the stars and her faith in fate itself to supercharge her abilities. Accompanied by her crystal ball, Adina has a select number of celestial signs to use, which are randomly chosen by the ball. Allies of Adina in Eternal return will also have to rely on fate for their healing as these celestial signs can also give them support.

Different abilities use the characters in different ways, e.g. B. Combining two signs to leave a mist that heals allies, or players making their allies unstoppable by casting Astral Trine with the Starry Sign. This can make Adina difficult to play when looking for certain characters.

6 Nathapon

Unlike other supports, Nathapon benefits from many of his abilities more than his allies. Armed with his trusty camera, Nathapon can set it up on the map to snap shots of enemies and better locate them for his allies.

The flash of these images can also slow down enemies, allowing the player’s team to catch up and attack fleeing enemies. Overall, Nathapon might not seem like the most useful support due to its distance from its allies, but food is something all players can craft themselves if needed.

5 priya

Priya has a magical singing voice. It is so powerful that she is able to grow flowers and trees simply by singing while being accompanied by her weapon of choice, a guitar. Many of her abilities cause her to grow crops that damage her opponent by growing flowers at their feet.

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It’s not just about damage, as Priya can target these blooming Flowers of Saraswati to protect her allies or heal them for a fraction of their health. This makes her a fairly consistent healer in group combat while still dealing damage to enemies who touch the same flowers.

4 Xiukai

Food is an incredibly useful mechanic in Eternal return. Crafting a variety of dishes can improve the player’s health, as can drinks, which increase the character’s SP. Players who consider themselves culinary experts will love playing Xiukai, as all food and drink he prepares increases recovery by 30%.

Handing out these delicious meals to allies is sure to keep them alive, as this boost can save them in a moment between life and death. Players will want to craft these dishes anyway, as each meal strengthens Xiukai and increases his overall defense.

3 barbara

Every game should have a character equipped with some kind of tower. Barbara is no different as she relies heavily on her Sentry Gun. This engineer is great to build a business somewhere and hold a position with the rest of the team.

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Barbara and her turret can cover fire while the player’s allies loot. Her turret also has abilities that allow her to slow enemy approaches, meaning that direct approach of enemies is unlikely to end well for her.

2 John

As a priest, Johann is by far one of the most supportive characters that players can use to survive Eternal return. Even his passive grants a shield to all his allies when he kills or assists enemies.

Because of his faith, this holy light is both a weapon for his enemies and a gift for his friends, since most priest abilities support allies by healing or slowing down the enemy. This doesn’t render Johann completely defenseless as he can still hold his own if caught by himself.

1 Cathy

Cathy is a clear example of a combat medic, with a doctor’s job not only is she great at saving lives but she knows how to take them. Players will enjoy her fast-paced combat as a nimble assassin while also being able to quickly revive fallen allies.

Resurrecting someone knocked down during a skirmish has great buffs as it creates a healing zone that helps the ally recover a fraction of their max health for a few seconds.

Eternal return is currently available on PC.

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