Estimate the cost of moving

Any move begins with an assessment of its costs. It allows you to calculate the exact amount of work, the amount of packing material, the transport features, and determine the final moving costs.

How much do the movers cost?

The average cost of moving services is $ 300 – $ 1,500, depending on the size of the move. Different moving companies have different prices for moving services. But the total cost is usually calculated based on the same criteria:

  • volumes and specificity of cargo;
  • level of preparation;
  • distance between points of departure and delivery;
  • additional services.

Thanks to these data, specialists from professional moving companies such as Got2Move can determine the number of movers, the type of trucks, the approximate time, the amount and types of packing materials.

How much do local moving companies cost?

When choosing a local move contractor, pay attention to the transparent pricing of services. Local moving companies charge by the hour. Their rates range from $ 50 up to $ 250 per hour and depend on the number of movers and the amount of work. For example,

  • Studio – 2 movers – $ 280;
  • 1 Bedroom – 2 movers – $ 285;
  • 4 Bedroom – 4 movers – $ 440.

Additional moving costs to consider

The initial assessment of the move is an important aspect. Thanks to it, the movers will understand the level of difficulty, and you will be able to navigate the cost of the move. 

Sometimes your move may require additional costs. You can determine the total cost of moving services online. The price is based on the distance from the starting point to the destination, season, and the number of building stories, the need for packing, unpacking, storage, and the complexity of dismantling. Reputable moving companies Orange County will provide you with special calculation programs. To use such a service, visit the site and fill in a few lines of the appropriate form (number of rooms, locations “From” and “To” and the date of moving).

How to save money during the move

Moving can become an expensive event. Costs and expenses await you at every stage. 

To save money on moving, follow these simple and effective tips:

  • plan moving dates in advance;
  • find free packing material;
  • pack your things yourself;
  • sell or give away the excess. 

Carefully compare the prices of every moving company and choose the most profitable and reliable option.

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