Eskel’s Fate Explained In The Witcher Video Game

While The Witcher The series on Netflix got it right with much of the franchise’s source material, it still couldn’t avoid changes to a few key plot points. One of the most notable concerns the School of the Wolf Witcher, Eskel. In the Netflix show, Eskel’s fate ties him to an ancient forest creature known as the leshy, also known as the Leshen in. The Witcher series of video games. While the player can engage a number of Leshens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, None of them are responsible for Eskel’s death.


Eskel’s fate in The Witcher The game takes place over a larger period of time than the show. Although Eskel is not as famous as his teammate Geralt, he is as skilled and experienced as the White Wolf. The two were introduced to each other as trainees of the same age, having survived the turbulent and dangerous upbringing that Kaer Morhen had provided. As adults, they look forward to retelling the stories of their travels together, making the winter reunion scene in Kaer Morhen far more compelling than what is depicted in the book. The Witcher on Netflix.

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Eskel in The Witcher Games

eskel from the face of the witcher 3

During this reunion, Eskel meets Ciri for the first time in both the show and the game. In The Witcher game, the Geralt area is greeted by Eskel, one of the New Witchers Introduced in Netflix’s Second Season, despite his skepticism. Eskel’s affable personality and willingness to help train Ciri make him appear welcoming and warm compared to some of his other brothers from the School of Wolves. Part of this may come from his own experience as a Witcher, and his use of the same Law of Surprise.

In season 2 of The Witcher series, Eskel takes a cooler stance about the Princess of Cintra being in Kaer Morhen. In the games, Deidre Ademeyn is Eskel’s reward in the Law of Surprise, and while he tries his best to avoid collecting this bounty, they eventually meet as she seeks refuge among the Witches. . As a woman believed to be cursed by the Black Sun, Deidre is ostracized, and her fate with Eskel in the game is chosen by the player.

If she is left unaided, Eskel develops a scar and it is heavily implied that the Witcher must hunt her down and stop her reign of terror in the surrounding lands. the Witchers’ keep, Kaer Morhen. However, if the player helps, Deidre accidentally slashes Eskel during a fight with her brother and, regretfully, walks away as a way to solve the problem. These and other actions that help draw Eskel are almost the exact opposite of how he presented himself in season 2 of The Witcher.

After Eskel’s troubles with the Law of Surprise and Ciri’s training, the Witcher joined the defense of Kaer Morhen against the Wild Hunt. While The Wild Hunt is set to be on the Netflix show, how this will be presented can be very different thanks to Eskel’s death. In The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt’s attack on Kaer Morhen was prevented but ultimately resulted in Vesemir’s death. In the time following this incident, Eskel assumed the responsibilities of Kaer Morhen for a time before returning to his travels as a Witcher.

Eskel’s death in the Netflix series takes something from his character. Instead of Eskel being peered by Geralt as an effective and skilled Witcher, his failure in the fight against the lesbians ultimately cost him his life. Instead of carrying out his responsibilities as a Witcher, like he does in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, he must be killed by his longtime friend, and can no longer be the future caretaker for Kaer Morhen.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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