Epstein Pilot drops names of people flying on jets, including 2 presidents and a prince

That’s the high life, Jeffrey Epstein style.

The jury in sex trafficking test by Ghislaine Maxwell, sometimes salesman and longtime associate of deceased financier and convicted sex offender, this week got a glimpse of some of the circles Epstein went before died in federal custody more than two years ago.

And as a former pilot on Epstein’s private jet testified, his acquaintances include some of the world’s most famous men.

It’s not just the past President Bill Clinton who recorded considerable flight time on the plane known as “The Lolita Express.”

How much time Clinton actually spent is a matter of controversy. He admitted to being on four flights; flight records show at least 26.


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Raise your hand if you automatically believe Bill Clinton about anything. (Your left hand.)

Not only former President Donald Trump, who Epstein is banned from his estate in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach County, Florida, and is known to have flown on an Epstein jet only once.

Do you think Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide?

It’s not even just Prince Andrew of the British royal family that pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. remember flying around the world.

In Tuesday’s testimony, according to New York Post, Visoski also dropped the names of some famous figures.

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth in space who later became a Democratic U.S. senator from Ohio, is mentioned, along with the former Senator. George Mitchell, Democrat from Maine best known for helping lead the 9/11 Commission during the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in 2001 and forging a lasting, if not occasional, peace. necessary, in Northern Ireland.

There are also big names in world entertainment such as world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman and – perhaps not too surprisingly – actor Kevin Spacey, a man whose reputation is almost as bad as Bill Clinton’s.


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Having big names on board is probably evident when you piloted a rich man like Epstein before his death (if he wasn’t a billionaire, he was worth hundreds of millions, follow a Luck articles from 2019.)

But there’s no doubt the big names Epstein is associated with are regretting getting to know the man pleaded guilty in 2008 prostitution of a minor as a way to settle allegations of multiple sex crimes.

While the Maxwell trial – and Visoski’s testimony – provided libertarians with the opportunity to point the finger at Trump’s involvement with Epstein, the situation for Bill Clinton was worse.

His relationship with Epstein was closer (Epstein favors Democrats), he flies on Epstein’s plane much more often and, in fact, his sexual misconduct reputation is not only famous around the world, which is a matter of history.

(Actually, it was only introduced in Drama FX “Impeachment: America’s Crime Story”).

It’s hard to find an honest American who claims to be genuinely surprised to hear of anything the 42nd president could have done when it comes to the fairer sex.

But for all of Epstein’s associates – including so many Prince Andrew – Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial for trafficking underage girls to satisfy the late financier’s unusual sexual needs opened up some very unwelcome cans of worms.

As Epstein showed before his “suicide” more than two years ago, anyone flies higher, farther and harder to fall.

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