‘Epstein had a precise plan’: How the only known photo of Prince Andrew and the pedophile came about

Tips come quickly and furiously for International Newsletter hotline, especially on weekends when pubs are packed and hard liquor. “We were just sitting at the feature desk and the phone would ring every 10 minutes, someone would say, ‘I just had sex with a football player on Saturday night. Give me 50,000 bucks and I’ll tell you about it,” said the newspaper’s former deputy editor of notorious features. Paul McMullan. “Or, ‘They’re running a brothel above the police station. Give me five bucks and I’ll tell you the story. ‘ Or, ‘I’m a young male tenant and I just had sex with a priest. Give me 10 bucks and a secret camera and I’ll fool him again,’ which he did. Then he invited me to come along and I pretended to be his hired boyfriend, and the priest invited us both into a convent as a couple. I was already in my shorts, but I was still able to take a few decent pictures for the newspaper.”

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, are photographed together by Jae Donnelly in Central Park on December 5, 2010.Jae Donnelly’s photo.

A machine of sex, guilt and notoriety the world has never known, the fiery London-based tabloid has 5 million readers, 30 hotly competitive blood-hunting reporters and a real superstar. the: Mazher “Maz” Mahmood. Best known as the fake Sheik, he wears Arabian robes and a variety of other disguises and guises to lure the rich, royal, and reprehensible into doing naughty things on his hidden camera. ta. “During my career at the newspaper, I was responsible for more than 250 criminal prosecutions, including pedophilia, human trafficking, drug trafficking, pimping and even a doctor who admitted me. was the killer who killed his former lover and was jailed for attempted murder,” he later told the 2011 public inquest due to International Newsletterphone hacking scandal. Theretofore, International Newsletter crashed and closed. Mahmood will continue to be sentenced to 15 months in prison for tampering with police evidence in the drug use case of a British pop star.

But in December 2010, Mazher Mahmood was still in a high position. “In one GQ survey, follow me Countess of Wessex sting, the fake Sheik ranks as the 45th most powerful man in Britain,” he wrote in his memoirs, Confessions of a Fake Sheik: The King of Sting reveals it all.Prince Charles, Future King, listed as number 69.”

In late November or December 2010, the advice that will rock the House of Windsor is said to have come directly to Mahmood: Prince Andrew, Duke of York — known in the tabloids as “Randy Andy” and “The Royal Lout-About Town,” thanks to mass dating and practical jokes — is in America, getting started an unofficial four-day trip to New York City. “Royals were a lucrative source of compelling stories that rocked many who were neither husband nor wife and divorced during that period,” says Paul McMullan. “There is something on Prince Andrew that will make Maz drool – especially if it has any sort of odd sex, which is well worth circulating. We were not called News about screws don’t do anything.”

Mahmood was definitely hoping to catch Randy Andy doing something naughty. But what?

“That we don’t know. We just found out Andrew was in town,” said Annette Witheridge, a problem first International Newsletter reporter then freelance in New York. Mahmood informed her of Prince Andrew’s visit and asked her to inform him of anything she found. “No one knows where he is.”

She called the residence of the British Consul General, where Andrew used to live. Is not. Witheridge later remembered that Andrew was once photographed after a meeting with the British social media site and Jeffrey Epstein’s confidant Ghislaine Maxwell at Nello, the paparazzi’s trap on Madison Avenue. Apparently Maxwell took him to lunch there, which Witheridge found odd.

Why would Ghislaine take Prince Andrew to a place where they are sure to be photographed? Witheridge wondered.

On Friday, December 3, 2010, Witheridge began supervising at 116 East 65th Street, Ghislaine Maxwell’s five-story, 7,000-square-foot home, purchased for her by Jeffrey Epstein. It was freezing cold and Witheridge was bundled under “15 layers” as she watched over Prince Andrew in the British photographer’s SUV to New York, Jae Donnelly. As evening fell, Maxwell burst into her door, Witheridge and Donnelly slamming into action.

“I learned the true meaning of the word socialite that night because Ghislaine’s schedule was remarkable,” Witheridge said. The Independent in 2019. “She came out in a tiny dress, a little jacket, and a pair of boots and into a waiting car.”

They run after her, hoping that Prince Andrew will be with her or will eventually join her. “Because they’re old friends and I figured if he stayed anywhere he would be with Ghislaine,” Witheridge said. “Andrew will stay in hotels but in general he tends to stay with rich people.”

The chase led them through Maxwell’s New York night: 40 minutes at a cocktail party in Tribeca; half an hour at a charity event on Fifth Avenue; and finally dinner at Darby, Meatpacking County’s trendy dinner club. “She broke in there,” says Witheridge, who broke in after she “as if I owned the place,” to see who she was having dinner with: a crowd of friends, but no Prince Andrew.

Witheridge calls it will stop at 11pm. The road seems to have cooled down.

The next morning, she awoke to the realization that there was only one place to look: 9 East 71st Street, Jeffrey Epstein’s seven-story, 40-room home, believed to be the largest single-family residence in Manhattan. “Everything goes back to this Jay Gatsby-like mystery, Jeffrey Epstein.”

Prince Andrew came to New York not for sex, love, pleasure or friendship.

It is said that he came for the money.

His finances hit him several times: a $30,000 diamond and gold necklace was given to his daughter Beatrice in 2009 by a convicted Libyan gun smuggler months before Andrew was said to have introduced him to a British company (after the story broke, Buckingham Palace denied the crown prince had been). broker any deal); His relationship with the controversial British businessman David “Spotty” Rowland, who reported paying a $2 million bank loan on Andrew’s behalf; the sale of his mansion, Sunninghill Park, to the son-in-law of the president of Kazakhstan for $25 million, notably $4.9 million more than the asking price; and most recently, a lawsuit filed by the former owner of the Swiss chalet Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, was purchased in 2014 for $23 million because of a lack of nearly $9 million in loan payments. (The couple has settled the debt and is said to want to sell the bungalow.)

https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2021/12/how-the-only-known-photo-of-prince-andrew-and-the-pedophile-happened ‘Epstein had a precise plan’: How the only known photo of Prince Andrew and the pedophile came about


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