Epic’s Rumbleverse Could Create a New Kind of Battle Royale

The 2021 Game Awards have had a lot of exciting revelations this year. While Nintendo was notably absent, many other game industry leaders were present with slick games and even the occasional movie. PC game store owner, Unreal Engine developer and Fortnite creator Epic game appeared as expected with a trailer for FortniteNew chapter 3 and announcement that it’s secured Final Fantasy 7 remake as a PC exclusive on its storefront. Also Autumn boys came out with a number of Disney see-through outfits, nothing to sneeze at. While Epic’s presence is subtle, it’s certainly a good performer for it.


However, there was another announcement in line with Epic at the Game Awards that passed most viewers. Dissatisfied with Fortnite and Autumn boys, Epic Games sponsored another battle royale project. The market for them is getting pretty saturated at the moment, so that alone isn’t something that will turn a lot of people around. Or rather, a normal battle royale won’t turn around. What Iron Galaxy will bring to the table with what’s to come Rumbleverse far from normal, and the game is set to make waves as big as its sky-high numbers.

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Rumbleverse is the first real combination of fighting games and Battle Royale

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Over the past few years, many have tried to transcend the culturally shaped ubiquity of royal warriors, and some have attempted to do so in a different way. Autumn boys is the title most notable to break away from its association with first and third-person shooters, using physics and party elements instead. Some other titles have disappeared melee-focused approach like Naraka: Bladepoint and Shadow Arena, but none of them fully capture the pitfalls of the 3D fighting genre. Rumbleverse is the first to promote itself as such, and there is no denying that the two fighting games and battle royale are equal parts.

As seen in the beta footage, forty players parachute into a large city to capture it. The walls gradually close as the match continues, pushing players together until only one remains. Players start on the same playing field, with the same attack groups, stats, and mechanics. Attack, dodge, shield, grab, a transcendent mode and even reminiscent parkour Prototype are all standardized.

The game will be free to play and monetized mainly through battles, like Fortnite. Where skirmish and BR mechanics really merge is in picks; Players can find and absorb up to ten stat-boosting potions per match, and can find weapons and special moves lying around. This keeps the action fresh without being robbed Rumbleverse of the stable core that a competitive game needs.

A new genre of Battle Royales may start from the Rumbleverse

Rumbleverse Not only is it notable for its rare breed but also for what it stands for and what it can do. Killer Instinct (2013) developer Iron Galaxy has managed to combine one of the most successful esports genres with one of the worst. As for many of the fighting and puzzle games that have made modern competitive gaming, they have failed to adapt to the changing landscape and have been left behind. Tetris has been swiped its way returns to relevance with its own battle royale genre, and it’s time for fighting games to do the same. It is ironic that the fighting faction of Rumbleverse is an arena fighter, a controversial sub-series due to the large number of licensed games, but it’s what works best with the battle royale format.

This project can bring together communities that have never been reached and help fuel the fighting game community. FGC has shown a lot of interest in it, with familiar names like Justin Wong and UltraDavid praising the beta. Rumbleverse maybe join Riot’s LOTS project fighter is the crucial moment where a new fighting game can break into the mainstream and stay there. With the backing of Epic and the talent of Iron Galaxy, Rumbleverse there may be a long future ahead. Here’s hoping that Epic can spread the word about this game over the coming months and the final product it delivers.

Rumbleverse launches in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Early access begins February 8.

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rumbleverse title art chicken mask
Epic Games Announces Wrestling Inspired Rumbleverse

Iron Galaxy announces a new free-to-play battle royale game called Rumbleverse, which is an action-based melee game with pro wrestling moves.

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