Epic legends worthy of the Green Knight’s treatment

A huge proportion of modern cinema is still based on stories written thousands of years ago, whether it’s Ancient Greece or William Shakespeare. But most works of fiction stop at nothing to draw inspiration from these hit classics, only a few have the guts to take the story to a new age in its glory.

By David Lowery Green Knight be great. It’s a beautifully-toned poem that takes a story most experienced in English Literature class and uses the language of modern cinema to give it the weight and magic it deserves. The movie’s clever changes aside, it’s a direct adaptation of Arthurian mythology about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Fans of that story and the related fantasy world around it have been given an incredible new look at the work. Those new to the story had to experience it through some truly astonishing visual storytelling, which gave it new impact centuries later. But the ancient world holds countless other myths and legends that can benefit from the same kind comprehensive adaptation.


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kaveh-the-blacksmith is cut

In the national mythology of Iran, known at that time it was Persia, is the inspirational story of revolutionary hero Kaveh the Blacksmith. The story was correctly recorded, in its present form, in the 10th century by the poet Ferdowsi. The story begins, like many others, with the rise of a tyrant who rules with an iron fist. The evil foreign king Zahāk the Snake, named for the pair of monstrous snakes that sprouted from the sides of his head, executed the world’s rightful leader and claimed his throne. After years of autocratic rule, Zahāk received the wrath of the people, who were looking for a leader.

Enter Kaveh, a professional blacksmith lost two beloved daughters to the tyrannical snake. With righteous rage, Kaveh wrapped a craftsman’s apron around his spear and raised it aloft as a fighting standard as he led his people to overthrow the evil leader. This old tale still holds sway for a huge segment of the population, inspiring a holiday in the Zoroastrian tradition and a cartoon in Iran. A modern diversion could be an inspiring tale of the revolution that first brought this ancient legend to countless people.


The demigod hero of Celtic mythology has entered the quirky video game and holds a impressive place in Destiny Franchising, but it’s time for a full movie adaptation. This man’s life is so filled with fantasy and classic stories that the character could have made all three movies with ease. Born into mysterious and mystical circumstances, Cu Chulainn was foretold that from a young age he would achieve great fame and fortune at the expense of a short life. Moments later, he discovers a superhuman gift, an ability commonly translated as “warp constriction” that allows him to take on a grotesque and massive form. similar to The Incredible Hulk.

He trains for years with a stoic female warrior on a remote island, forging friendships and rivalry with his training partner. He withstands an ancient curse in order to battle every army of his enemies. He besieged the castle to marry the betrothed to her father’s will. He eventually faced his old friend in a single combat, winning the duel but being unable to resist his wounds. In his final moments, he tied himself to a rock, so that he could die on his feet, and the drop of his blade defeated the first man to come close to the body. his death. Cu Chulainn’s story has it all.

thor and loki ragnarok

Although aspects of the MCU are Fascinatingly associated with mythology, it will be an entirely new aspect of cinema to introduce a more periodical look at the Nordic classics. Utgard-Loki should not be confused with the con man who shares his name, especially since both appear in this story. It is remarkable in Norse mythology that their gods are depicted as extremely human-like. They make mistakes, argue with each other, go to work, negotiate or fight enemies and do all the other main characters tend to do. When a story focuses on Aesir, some are stronger, smarter, or smarter than others, but those differences are skills, not superpowers.

Utgard-Loki is a giant who poses a challenge to Thor, Loki, and a pair of children with them. The party searches for accommodation for the evening, and Utgard-Loki will bring them up if they can perform any impressive feat of their choosing. Loki and Thor’s Journey kingdoms are defined by the strange characters they run through, and this is one of the prime examples. Utgard-Loki offers a test of skill, strength and intelligence; allowing audiences to learn a lot about the originals of these beloved characters. This full update of the story will please fans of Norse mythology, while also providing a great story for new audiences.

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