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Colonization of alien planets is a big theme throughout the sci-fi medium, with endless possibilities for what life might be like in space. While there are some real-world ethical and moral concerns about space colonization, science fiction generally takes an optimistic view of how it could extend the lifespan of species. people. Colony of Aven gives players the chance to envision sprawling space colonies like a city building strategy game located a few light years away from Earth. The game offers a comfortable escape in rewarding yet challenging gameplay to create the ultimate space colony.

As a city builder, players often really connect with their gameplay Colony of Aven or find it annoying after a while. Although there are some threats from aliens to face, Colony of Aven is primarily a city builder and as such is about slow and dedicated gameplay, with players building little by little as they go. However, the game has a light-hearted look with nice exterior settings and some funny colonial animations. Because the game is free on Epic game store, it’s a great choice for fans of the genre and some may even find themselves addicted to the game.


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Gameplay and Settings

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In Aven Colony, The player supervises the construction and management a settlement on an alien planet, Aven Prime. Many of the usual jobs of city builders are included, such as growing food, building habitats, exploring, mining, and expanding settlements. Colony of Aven There are some nice details to accentuate its sci-fi setting, such as colonists driving hover cars and some dedicated space mechanics. Players will need to ensure oxygen production on their colony, fend off alien threats, and deal with alien climates. These threats are varied, including a mysterious alien that sprouts tentacles on buildings until they are eliminated with a drone, but most players seem to be non-existent. mess with them too much.

An interesting space mechanic is that at night the temperature drops to zero, so food production freezes and solar panels don’t work either. The aforementioned alien climate in Colony of Aven including different storms and dangerous threats to enter the city. Have both sandbox and campaign mode in this game, give the player the space to grasp the mechanics at any speed they want. Again, the game is about investing time into the game so that players can express their vision of a space colony. With its stunning alien landscape, the game is well-suited to players who enjoy such gameplay mechanics, as well as being accessible to any sci-fi fan. Finally, the space colony built in Colony of Aven was a democratic election, with regular elections that could see players cast their ballots without power if the colonists’ morale was not kept high.

Appeals and Restrictions

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Are from Aven Colony’s the inital release in 2017, there have been two major updates with new mechanics and build types that have expanded well on the game. Colony of Aven has repeatedly, and positively, compared to Survive on Mars and other popular city ​​builders like City: Skyline, so fans of those games will probably enjoy the experience Colony Aven. The game also attracts some inevitable comparisons SimCity, and while both games have some lighthearted, humorous elements, Colony of Aven much closer Survive on Mars or City: Skyline.

Most comments for Colony of Aven also certainly mention playtime as a potential concern, with many players reporting that, while the mechanics can be challenging at first, once they’ve mastered it, they’re less motivated to play. play more games. This really makes Colony of Aven Free on Epic Games Store a huge boon, as while some players only had 30 hours or so in the game, others made over 100 hours. Thus, there is a chance to play Colony of Aven without having to decide if it’s worth it, can see many players being surprised at how much they enjoy it.

Colony of Aven Now out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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