Epic chef tips and tricks for beginners

Team17’s new game is called Epic Chef is a humor about Cooking simulation game. While this game may seem simple on the surface, players will need to be ready to bring their A-game to survive the food battles, haunted houses, and Orc Mobs. Here are some tips and tricks to help any new player get started in the town of Ambrosia.

Leveling and dining


Internal leveling system quirky sim game Epic Chef based on Zest’s daily meal. Players should use their kitchen at least once a day, not only to familiarize themselves with the ingredients, synergies and foods, but also to create for themselves and their noble steed, Birch, great meals. great. Players need to perform physical activities such as cutting down trees to raise their chi points, mental activities such as studying to raise their spirits, and relaxing to improve their sophistication. After the player has filled the bar related to those activities in the upper left part of the screen, they then eat a meal that matches that score. For example, if the bar has reached x2 for spirits, but is zero for the other two stats, eat a high morale dish. This will add those accumulators to the player’s overall cooking level.


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The Cooking level opens up new combinations of foods for Zest to experiment with, so players should take advantage of every opportunity to level up. Complete jobs around the farm as part of Epic Chef‘NS Farm simulation sections, chatting with NPCs, doing errands for others, cooking, winning chef battles and other activities that will help raise different levels of spirit, sophistication and vitality and bring players to higher chef levels there.

Cooking battle


Cooking battles are covered when the player encounters Slothy on the beach for the first time, but this tutorial is a bit sketchy and can be confusing at first. However, players will need to master the art of cooking battles to get through the comical plot of Epic Chef. Battles where two chefs play against a third person (or trick as the case may be) as a judge. Players need to pay special attention to the wishes and tastes of the referees. Some judges will like or dislike certain ingredients and their taste can be varied with the sauce.

  • The cooking battle can take place in one round or many rounds. Each dish requires three ingredients plus a sauce, so players should make sure they have enough ingredients to get through all the rounds.

  • Remember to ask NPCs for their advice before battle; Players will usually get a hint of what’s coming if they ask around.

  • Make sure the sauce compliments the dish. If the player is building a dish with high morale, add a sauce to help the dish have spirit.

  • Players can decide who goes first by lowering or raising their aromatic score. The highest aroma score is always tasted first; This means that the player can add a strengthening or negative effect to their opponent’s dish if their aromaticity is higher. Increase the aroma score by shaking the pan a few times before stirring. An aromatic score usually belongs to the player.

Cultivation and cultivation


When farming in Team17‘NS Epic Chef, players should make sure that they not only harvest each vegetable and fruit every day, but also chop down all of their trees to save different types of wood. Trees regrow very quickly so players can still harvest fruit from trees as well as wood. This will ensure that the player has no problem building all possible structures in the game. Also, things that grow in the wild will regularly respawn, so don’t forget to grab some mushrooms in the forest at Zest’s house and crabs and seaweed at the beach.

Also, when planting in this section-farming simulation title, players need to keep an eye on their seeds. Each seed has a limited number of times to bear fruit, so make sure to plant a variety of vegetables around to produce more seeds. Three fruits form a single seed. If the player runs out of a particular fruit or vegetable, they can buy new ones on the market, but they can be expensive. To save money, be sure to ask Zest to make your own seeds. In addition, the player should plant about 2 or 3 tomato plants for each potato, rice and carrot; Tomatoes require more sauces than other types as well as feed for cows.

Other helpful hints for Epic Chef


  • Talk to People – NPCs will usually have some errands for the player. Talk to every possible NPC every time a major event occurs in the story; even if they don’t have something for Zest to do, NPC can do something funny This makes them worth talking to.

  • Save Money – Players should keep as much money as possible, don’t waste anything on decorating or upgrading the house until the restaurant is refurbished and all player equipment goes to the farm ready.

  • How to Fish – Early in the game, players can see a tip screen that prompts them to fish. However, fishing mini game is not available to the player until they defeat Torpedo. After this big boss battle, Zest will find an NPC below the dock who will sell him a fishing rod. There will be another person nearby who will teach him to fish; Bring lots of crabs for bait.

  • Use Birch to move quickly – Zest can summon Birch from anywhere on the map. Riding on this giant bird will at least double Zest’s running speed, so make sure to use Birch as often as possible while keeping him fed the best meals his kitchen has. Zest can provide. The better the meal, the more motivation the birds will receive such as walking faster and adding points to their highest hunger point.

  • Look around at idle activities to lift Zest’s spirit, vitality, and flair. There are a small number of idle points that the player can take advantage of once a day.

Epic Chef available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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