Entertaining Skyrim clip shows player landing trick on Nazeem

Many in Bethesda’s massive player base The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim seem to have love/hate relationships with the NPCs found in the game. some love Skyrim NPCs too many, enough to make them their in-game wife or husband, while other players seem to enjoy finding the hilarious ways they can end an NPC’s existence. Now another action RPG player shows off the trick shot they performed that resulted in another infamous Nazeem being killed Skyrim non-playable character.


Given the size of Tamriel’s map, players likely expect to encounter different characters in the cities they travel through Skyrim. As one of the first NPCs players will encounter in Whiterun, Nazeem seems popular in the world Skyrim Community, especially with how high and powerful he is towards the player’s character whenever they meet. With that kind of personality, it’s not surprising Skyrim Players who hate Nazeem enough to keep looking for fun ways to end the character.

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On Reddit, user Xxrazierklinge7 shared a short video clip from a YouTube content creator named anyhelpsteve, who posted a lot of funny posts Skyrim moments on her channel. In the footage, the YouTuber’s Dragonborn can be seen performing a trick shot with his equipped bow. They aim at the sky just as the NPC walks by. After following Nazeem for a few seconds, the arrow lands right on the NPC’s head, which ends up being a fatal shot.

Comments on both the original YouTube post and the Reddit thread found the video quite hilarious given the player’s impeccable timing. Others tried to break down the amazing Skyrim Trick Shot, with one stating that the player probably used a function programmed to spawn an arrow when Nazeem started saying his game over Cloud Quarter. Contrived or not, when you see that the whole situation fits together perfectly, it probably is Skyrim Community a few minutes of entertainment for the day.

This probably won’t be the last time that Skyrim The player base chooses one of the NPCs in the action role-playing game. The game has many other characters that players will encounter on their journey, some of them more unlikable than others. Given how active the community is despite the video game’s age, fans will likely see more of these trick shots and entertaining video clips featuring popular NPCs in the future.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

https://gamerant.com/skyrim-clip-player-trick-shot-nazeem/ Entertaining Skyrim clip shows player landing trick on Nazeem


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