Enough With the Fanfic From Trump’s Shitty Generals and Enablers

I amt takes pine tree about 30 years to mature from generation to generation. One mature pine can process up to 20,000 pages, through which books, newspapers and magazines with all literature are printed. The tree has no control over what species it is; a pine can be turned into a memorable copy Mediator, and another tree, like it, can be turned into a memoir resembling a girl influencing the way of life of power, as White meat the beach until the dog bites it.

But the fate of a few paper trees has not been taken into account by those who hit the printers at the same time. the former Trump sycophant begins a recovery journey. Imagine being a tree all your life and then spending your next life to insist fierce opposition from a former government official to President Trump was in fact a kind of bravery that saved America. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. Maybe this is what happens with bad trees.

The latest modern Trump in a mission to convey to America that he is a real hero of the Trump era the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is Mark Milli, who is a regular Big Bad John lift the sticks down in the mine so that all the miners can run out, at least as people familiar with his thinking have said. You may remember General Milli from tThe photo was taken on a day when President Trump used tear gas to disperse protesters from Lafayette Square., so that the president can sit on the edge of the church and hold the Bible high like a fish on holiday. Millie was with him that day, dressed like a Joe Joe sign and had a face that was so serious to him that it was as if he was suffering from constipation.

A few days later, after the crowd had managed to get good and crazy about it, Millie admitted that the incident was actually full of vanity. He apologized for his involvement in the photography.

Now, a new round of reporting describes the National who leaked the report – more than a sensitive official who felt bad and allowed President Trump to use it once. She was actually the guy responsible for making sure Donald Trump did not become Adolf Hitler! Welcome, America!

This adds to the wave of embarrassing National images as “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” figure and “American hero” instead of what he is, “a guy who now wants to convince us that he’s the reason the situation isn’t getting worse. “But why should we trust him?

According to to recent reports on the National, the general tried to repent for his mistake by fighting “from within” a few months after the June photo shoot. This includes a lot of resentment from other employees during the war, plans to resign in protest, if the work reaches a point where it has never been reached, make ethical statements about his principles to his relatives and plan calls with other people. to address these concerns. The magazine article suggested that Trump was desperate to fight Iran to consolidate his power after losing the election, while Milli ran to stop him, but the president should not have been so serious because one of the articles praised his general. a kind of behind-the-scenes hero reports that Donald has been talking about it during a single meeting. (In the same meeting, Milli heard Trump brag that his Jan. 6 “rally” of supporters in DC would be “wild.” Millie did nothing but see a version of his fears that didn’t look right. something.)

While he is now exposing, National’s alleged courage while Trump was president did not include speaking in public and even taking stories to the press, when this could be important about the warming behind the scenes, given that Trump’s tendency to focus more on media coverage at security briefings would probably be an effective way to blow up this plan.

Moreover, Milli and other former Trump allies’ campaigns “from within” did not reflect any real understanding of Trump’s real power – it was not the former president’s ability to run the government, but his ability to inspire his followers to do the same. give. People who have written in Trump’s rallies about misrepresentation have drawn up hard-hitting notes in it. Washington Post.

Of course, it’s better for the Chairman-in-Chief and other powerful personalities to recognize Trump than to continue to lick their boots. But their Monday morning bravery doesn’t send the message they think they should. The declaration, which was made six months after the other president, announced that a plan had been put in place to implement it, which had never been carried out, could not convince me that the person who allegedly drafted the plan has given, is brave.

I was no longer told by a military official that “I felt like this was going to happen, but I didn’t do anything to prevent it” if my husband informed Carol Leonnig after six months of forgetting me. the birthday he intended to take me to dinner, to a party that might be the best of my life. Who cares? The fireman, who was thinking of rescuing the cat from the tree, but didn’t really get close to it, is not a quiet hero. All of these very late declarations are worthless.

We’ve gone through so many official fantasy periods of Trump’s recovery that it’s a genre at the moment. Do the writers who portrayed them as secret heroes share a convincing plot? When it was Don McGane’s reality that it was America’s secret phase of survival, the anonymous Miles Taylor period of the Silent Hero series, several periods of Ivanka and Jared privately calling the president to get worse, a period of John Kelly always hated Guy, a dose the hot lieutenant general McMaster pounded the table and shouted “Sir!” To save the republic, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has a heated argument after the argument, Bill Barr was really secretly doing smart things, or Mike Pompeo was a tough full-time president. (Soon! Kellianna Conway pretends to have been in front of reporters for the past six years Times below, when he preaches “everything.”)

At a time when conversation is cheap, but arrogant exaggeration can lead you to a seven-digit progression, any historical revisionism that suddenly makes one feel good must be taken with a grain of salt, or better yet, ignored.


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