Engineer Creatively Tells His Friend What He Is up To

A man was enjoying a leisurely day when he decided to call his friend who is an engineer. During the call, the couple had a small chat and update on their lives.

Right after that, the man asked his engineer friend how his family was. He also asked the engineer what to do on a sunny afternoon. The engineer told him:

“I am working on hydrothermal treatment of ceramics, glass and metals under controlled pressure.”

Use technical terms to explain housework | Photo: Ammama

Use technical terms to explain housework | Photo: Ammama

The engineer’s friend was impressed by this and praised him. After a while, however, the engineer whispered, “I’m washing the dishes, and my wife is supervising me.”


Three friends, an engineer, a physicist and a mathematician, are traveling. However, it was getting dark, and they knew they needed a break so they could continue the next day.

Professionals are on the way to book hotels | Photo: Shutterstock

Professionals are on the way to book hotels | Photo: Shutterstock

The trio stopped at a hotel and made a reservation. After the waiter pushed the luggage upstairs to the room, the three friends had dinner and went to bed.

In the middle of the night there was a fire, the engineer woke up. He looked around in panic and discovered a fire extinguisher. He immediately picked it up and sprayed it on the fire.

However, the fire was so intense that it took engineers up to an hour to put out the fire. When the fire was finally out, he breathed a sigh of relief and went back to bed.

Moments later, the fire flared up again, and this time, the physicist woke up. He saw what was happening and picked up the fire extinguisher. But before spraying, he studied the direction of the flame.

He also observed the properties of flow, moisture, and thermodynamics. He did some calculations, and then with one shot from the nozzle, the physicist focused in the right direction and blew into the flame.

The instant he did, the fire went out, leaving behind a cloud of smoke. The physicist was satisfied with the way the fire was put out and continued his sleep. Everything seemed to be fine until an hour until the fire flared up again and flared up again.

The mathematician was excited by the heat, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked around, trying to stamp it out. His eyes went to the fire extinguisher, and he excitedly exclaimed, “Aaaaah, the problem can be solved.” Then he went to sleep.

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