Endwalker – Aitiascope Guide

We are not at the end Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker but we’re getting there – Aitiascope promises more revelations if you can get through it, and that’s what this guide is for.

As always, I won’t spoil anything getting through this dungeon, but necessary, all the bosses will be discussed and shown in this guide. And, you know, we’re going to talk about the dungeon itself. this is a very spoiler-y place, in short: spoilers ahead if you haven’t reached this point yet.

It’s correct. Now that those who don’t know what this dungeon is all about, let’s talk about the mass of enemies blocking your way here.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Aitiascope Guide

Livia is not discouraged


Disappointment – Comprehensive damage the inevitable raid. Heal it over.
Aglaea Bite – Blockbuster. Relieve and heal. Note that this is the front split, so do not stand next to the pool. This means you, Reapers. Please.
Aglaea Climb – Livia moves to the center of the arena and some of her tentacles will start charging. These tentacles will then launch a small AoE that reaches almost a quarter of the arena (note that the arena floor pattern divides it into quarters). Do not stand near any glowing tentacles to avoid.
Aglaea Shot – Four AoE lines will move across the entire arena and will leave an Aethershot behind. After a short time, the AoE will repeat. In a nutshell: avoid the first AoE, and then don’t stay on the path it was on until the second AoE has started.
Odi Et Amo – Two team members will be marked with circle AoE. Move away from them to avoid. Immediately after, a team member will be marked with a stack marker (Ignis Odi), so group them up.
Decry – Front cone AoE. Don’t stand in the big orange danger zone. Still talking to you, Reapers.

eag - Livia

The glowing tentacles generate small AoE in designated areas of the arena, so it’s pretty easy to know where they are.


Yes, this dungeon is full of your past enemies. Livia sas Junius is here to try to keep you in the Aetherial Sea in a more gentle way.

Two attacks of the main note, here. Aglaea Climb has two of her four tentacles that begin to charge up with energy visibly: they will then sweep a quarter of the arena as AoE. Note which ones are charging and don’t stand near them. Second, Aglaea Shot is a simple enough AoE, but unless you’re paying attention, you might miss the fact that Aethershots is still there and will repeat the attack shortly after. Things can get a little more complicated when she starts attacking layers on top of each other, but Livia the Undeterred still doesn’t make you break a sweat.

Also, again, this tank is a cut. Please don’t stand in it unless you are a tank. Please. As your healer, I beg you.

eag - Rhitahtyn

Honestly, I gave up on spelling Rhitahtyn’s name.

Rhitahtyn the Unshakable


The Tartarean Impact – Comprehensive damage the inevitable raid. Heal it over.
Tartarean Spark – AoE series. Don’t stand in it.
Anvil of Tartarus – Blockbuster. Relieve and heal.
Vexillatio – Two wide AoEs on the side of the arena, which will then explode into the wall. Do not stand in AoE. This is bad, because…
Shield Skeleton – Rhitahtyn will count an AoE that will cover the arena without walls. Good news: he does this by sucking up the crystals in those walls. Some drain much faster than others: these will crumble and disappear before his cast completes, and you can squeeze into the gaps left by them to get out of AoE . You can judge these by looking for things with faster drain gauges, or things…well, black.
Cartouche – Target markers will slowly move away from Rhitahtyn. Then target markers will quickly appear in a cone around that area and a circular AoE will appear in that area. Basically, don’t stand anywhere near a quarter of the arena the target has entered.

Guide Aitiascope - Rhitahtyn

Two of the crystals will deplete faster than the others and quickly turn black, but when cast in quick succession, one side will be bombarded with Shrapnel Strike. Hidden on the other side.


Gods, they really did. They brought back Rhitahtyn, meme from Cape Westwind. And you will actually see some attacks this time! (What will you do if you play A realm of rebirth or this fight also happened in min iLvl, but not so much anymore.) There are three attacks to note here: Vexillatio, Shield Skewer, and Shrapnel Shell – and ironically, they get noticed. mainly when they are used at the same time. So, to an extent, it’s actually a mechanic.

Let’s look at Shrapnel Shell first. This is theoretically a lot of small AoEs, but it’s easiest to think of it as a common pair of AoEs; Stay away from those cones to stay safe.

Vexillatio and Shield Skewer can be dodged through the simple “don’t stand in AoE” method, but it’s not quite as easy with Shield Skewer. Watch for blackened crystals and duck into one of those alcoves to be safe. The hard part comes later in the fight when Rhitahtyn uses Shrapnel Shell at the same time, making one side of the arena dangerous – not getting into the “safe spot” on that side.

If you can keep those things in mind, you can break the unshakable and move on.

Endwalker - Amon

Amon the Undying


Dark forte – Blockbuster. Relieve, heal. You know what to do already.
Thundaga Forte – Target AoE distance in the middle of the arena. Stand at the far edge to take as little damage as possible, then heal. This will send out two sets of common AoE that will cover the entire arena. Look for cones with lightning in front and break out of those cones. Once that AoE is gone, move into the space it leaves to avoid the second battle.
Strophe – A giant circle sign will appear in the arena (one sign for the first cast, many signs for the next cast).
Antistrophe – The giant circle sign(s) will start to float. The direction they face, front and back, will be blown by AoE in a straight line.
Left / Right Firaga Forte – AoE will hit the left or right side of the arena. Note that this is from Of ammonium perspective, not yours: if it’s Left Firaga Forte it’s coming from his left hand, so if you’re facing him, the right side of the arena will explode.
Entr’acte – Comprehensive damage the inevitable raid.
Curtain call – AoE will be placed below party members while Amon charges. Shiva will eventually appear to summon a giant ice cube in the middle of the arena. Hide behind this before Amon finishes casting to avoid damage.
Eruption forte – Large circle AoE will be placed below two party members (as with Curtain Call). Move away from them to avoid.

Guide Aitiascope - Amon

Lightning closer to the outer edge will go out first, so stand on the other parts first and then move to avoid both lightning strikes.


You don’t think you’ll run away without fighting Amon, do you?

Not too hard to fight, fortunately. It’s a lot of little stuff, but most of it is very well signaled and Amon is fixed at the end of the arena so you don’t have to worry about placement and the like.

For example, Curtain Call is just “hidden behind the big thing” like in Syrcus Tower. Firaga attacks are marked by their name. Strophe and Antistrophe can be a bit complicated with the two of them, but it’s really just two lines in your head. Honestly, there’s less to say here than with most other bosses. There is no particular “trick” mechanic for this war; it’s just a lot of things that aren’t conveyed super clearly.

And with that, you’ve made your way through Endwalker – Guide Aitiascope (and Aetherial Sea) and maybe get some practical answers. For more instructions, including what’s left of your adventure, check out instruction center. Endwalker – Aitiascope Guide


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