Ender Lilies is the perfect game to play while waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight: Silksong will mark the second time players have been accompanied by Hornet on a quest through a strange realm. Despite the hype, players still don’t know when they’ll actually play it. Original Hollow Knight was a surprise hit thanks to its unique aesthetic, moody atmosphere, and deep, methodical combat, which impressed many fans who kept waiting for the sequel. A game that can help overcome them is Lily, which emphasizes many of the same themes, but with a unique enough twist.


Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is, like Hollow Knight, a 2D style platform adventure metroidvania game. In it, the player controls the priestess Lily, the last of her kind, who will have to traverse the kingdom to purify the undead and use their powers to progress and stop the worthy eternal rain. scared on her house. This is easier said than done, as the undead are abundant and some of them are extremely powerful.

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Ender lilies are not wannabe hollow knights

ender lilies consider lily soul rest

Although the premise, mood, and environment are similar to Hollow Knight, there is a uniqueness to Adglobe and Live Wire’s Lily. The main difference is that, unlike the Hornet, Lily does not train herself to fight, but uses souls to fight. Her first ally is a knight who swore to protect the priestess earlier, but as she advances in the game and defeats enemies, she will develop her skills and replenish her arsenal. of the enemy on his own abilities. The key to victory will be to customize the protagonist’s toolkit so that everything works best in all situations.

Lily‘fighting is more buoyant than other Metroidvania games of this style, as Lily herself will move and dodge while the spirits deliver punishment to their enemies. Through exploration, players will find “boss” versions of Regular enemies give them new skills, but the ones that actually unlock new areas and allow progress are abandoned by the bosses themselves. It is from here that the player will gain double jumps, dashes, etc. It is through these skills that previously inaccessible areas become open and ripe for exploration.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing Lily is that, in a way, it’s very different from Soulslike games in general. By dropping mechanics where players need them and taking their “souls” after they die, this becomes a much more relaxed experience where players can learn from their mistakes instead of Try to force a perfect run. Here, there are no consequences for saving the dead from having to retry from the last checkpoint. And, because the level of challenge is hard but fair, players will need to retry a bit, especially when fighting Lily‘boss, extremely memorable.

Lily there is a lot of content for Hollow Knight players, like challenges, incredible art styles, meditative explorations and tense action moments are all there. They will also delve into the lore by viewing diary entries and learning more about the tragedy that befell the kingdom. While the combat feel is completely different, it’s the combination of its uniqueness and similarities with Hornet’s adventures that make this game a standout. However, hopefully The next entry of Cherry Games hopes to be out soon, but until then, Lily can scratch the same itch.

Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights Currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One.

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