Encoding: Third Speaking Card Position

In Part 1 of Inscryption, Stinkbug and the Stoat mentions a third talking card hidden somewhere in the cabin, but this one is well hidden.


Encode part 1 is a building on deck, room escape style game horror element. This macabre game contains a number of talking cards that give the player advice on how to escape. While the first two are pretty easy to find, the third will take a few steps to grasp.

Whistle Wolf Card

The three talking cards are Stoat, which the player starts with, Stinkbug found in internal safe Inscyrption‘s Part 1, and Stupid Wolf. The Stunted Wolf card is a 2/2 health, making him a good addition to any deck, but he also needs to exit the cabin and start Stage 2.


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The Stupid Wolf card is hidden in the bottom part of cuckoo clock in Encode, but getting him out of there wasn’t easy. The player will have to complete a number of steps to get the item needed to break him for free.

How to free the wolf that is stunted in cryptography

Every puzzle that moves the game forward inside Leshy’s cabin in Season 1 must be done in a specific order. The order of these puzzles is:


  • Open the safe in Leshy’s cabin with 273.

  • Take out Stinkbug and key

  • Use the Key to open the locked box located to the right of Leshy.

  • Solve slide puzzle 1 and 2 to unlock slide puzzle 3 and 4.

  • Solve puzzle 3 and get the Cage Wolf Card.

  • Break the Cage Wolf tag out of its prison by having six damage in one battle.
  • Get the Wolf Statue, which will now be released from the cage.

  • Place the Wolf Statue next to the Squirrel Statue holding a knife.

  • Take the knife; it will be added to the player’s items.

Once all of these steps are complete, the player will need to use the knife in combat to stay alive; they will need one of these best deck in Encode Part 1 to achieve this far. This will remove the player’s eyeball and place it on the scale. Leshy will then give the players a replacement eyeball from the eye box he keeps laying around. If the player has died at least twice, there will be a glowing eyeball. Grab that eyeball, and see the hidden messages around the cabin.

How to use special eyeball


The first hidden message will be on the box itself. The message will ask the player to look at the clock.


With the eyeball, players will now be able to see the tracks left by the stunted Wolf. Line up the hands with the markers, and the bottom of the watch will open. This cannot be done without the help of the eyeball, even if the player knows the solution in advance. This will give the player a Movie and a Stunt Wolf card. Then players will be one step closer to part 2 of this horror movie indie games.

Encode available for PC.

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