Election rigging stars Jovan Pulitzer and David Clements vow to stab each other — ‘With the truth’

Inventor Jovan Pulitzer was a mainstay of the MAGA vote-rigging movement. His theories have been incorporated into the Arizona audit and a coup Powerpoint presentation that goes to Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

But last week, Trumpworld’s genius inventor called out one of his haters by posing as a restaurant employee clarifying an order for a “chicken sandwich.”

“I have a text order on our system for a chicken sandwich,” Pulitzer told the man’s voicemail, live-streaming the video to his fans. “I need to know: Do you want that circumcision, uncircumcised? We can serve you circumcised as calamari if you wish. But we need to know if you want dipping sauce or not.”

Also on the prank show of the night: Calling a woman who criticized him by offering to talk about the size of his penis. “I really like women who want to call me and talk about my dick,” says Pulitzer.

Pulitzer’s change from a leading light of the Arizona audit to an underage prankster comes in the aftermath of Arizona Audit Failed, as those who had promised the audit would uncover serious misconduct during the election pointed out who was responsible. Amid that frustration, Pulitzer and a one-time ally, former State University of New Mexico professor turned itinerant audit advocate David Clements, turned against each other in a bitter feud that included doxxing and alleges that Pulitzer was taking advantage of his followers by packaging the election fraud theory into a hefty $250 book.

The rift between Clements and Pulitzer reflects the broader chaos in the world of right-wing voter fraudsters. While false claims of election tampering have provided excellent fodder for conservative media and Republican lawmakers seeking to curb voting, the the figure behind the conspiracy theories found himself in the palm of his hand.

And Pulitzer and Clements weren’t the only ones fighting as the failed attempt to overturn the election passed its one-year anniversary. Defamation attorney Lin Wood and former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn have been slandering each other for more than a month, when Wood released a sneaky audio recording of Flynn, who has been accepted by QAnon followers , criticized the conspiracy theory.

“I have a text order on our system for a chicken sandwich.”

– Jovan Pulitzer

Pulitzer’s clash with Clements began after the former professor suggested that Pulitzer was slow to disclose his own information about the election and criticized his handling of the Arizona audit.

“How many million dollars have been spent unnecessarily on a scan program?” Clements wrote in a Telegram post.

Pulitzer settled his feud with Clements, who was Fired resigned from his position as a business professor after turning down vaccinations. In an angry audiotape posted to Telegram on Wednesday, Pulitzer raged against Clements, calling him a “damn fraudster” who exaggerated his education. bona fides to trick Trump supporters and accuse Clements of sabotaging audits in other states.

“I will stab you in the face with the truth,” Pulitzer said, telling Clements, adding, “You are the last son of a bitch that I want to pray for.”

In an email to The Daily Beast, Pulitzer said his remarks about the stabbing were a play on words, not a threat. Clements did not respond to a request for comment.

Pulitzer’s sound impressed Clements and his supporters.

Clements, whose Telegram account and personal website is called “Professor’s Record,” said in a video: “I really haven’t thought about becoming a university professor.

Clements took it upon himself to attack, accusing Pulitzer of misleading gullible Trump supporters with a recent book. The origins of Pulitzer’s fame lie rightly centered on his invention of “kinetic detection,” an unproven technology that Pulitzer claims can detect folds in ballots. , then it can magically determine if they’re cheating. Pulitzer has been vague about the details of his technology, but in October he released a $250 book that promises to reveal how it works.

Amazon’s reviewers were unimpressed, with one one-star reviewer calling it a “pseudo-science fiction” packed with content already available elsewhere. In a video sent to his supporters, Clements agreed, arguing that Pulitzer compromised the cause of the audit by encapsulating his information in a typed book “as clear as mud.”

“You don’t have to take my word for it — just look at the backbone of the cover,” says Clements.

Clements then held up a copy of Pulitzer’s book, with a typo, “Kinematic Artifact Discovered,” is written on its backbone.

For his part, Pulitzer told The Daily Beast that he purposely set a high price so he could make a copy for himself while preventing people from buying the book.

Pulitzer’s clash with Clements went even further Wednesday night when Pulitzer released Clements’ phone number on Telegram to his more than 70,000 followers, sparking a wave of harassment against the former professor. Clements responded by doing the same to Pulitzer, directing his supporters to contact the inventor and inspiring Pulitzer’s prank calls to his critics.

The Big Lie also includes recent allegations that Pulitzer and others have poisoning with anthrax at a conference, with the closeness that a rival conservative personality may have been behind the attack. However, with the spread of the coronavirus, the culprits that have made some people sick at an indoor conference devoted to vaccine recommendations and face coverings seem more obvious.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/election-fraud-stars-jovan-pulitzer-and-david-clements-vow-to-stab-each-otherwith-the-truth?source=articles&via=rss Election rigging stars Jovan Pulitzer and David Clements vow to stab each other — ‘With the truth’


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