Elder Scrolls Online’s world boss is hilariously killed within seconds of in-game event

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the top MMORPG games today. With over 15 million players worldwide and growing, Elder Scrolls Online continues to thrill players with a variety of features that entertain, inspire and encourage. One of those features is the game’s events.

Events in Elder Scrolls Online are appearances with exclusive quests, rewards and themes, and they take place globally on specific dates. In those days, players could level up their characters faster, earn impressive rewards and achievements, and enjoy cooperative quests.


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Most of .’s event quests Elder Scrolls Online includes rewards obtained from killing World Bosses. These powerful enemies, available in specific numbers around the area map, often possess unique abilities and resistances, challenging the player and making for a one-of-a-kind battle. They are marked with a skull and two crossed swords across the map, allowing players to know their exact locations so they can prepare for a tough fight – although one player recently encountered must battle the World Boss with amazing ease.

In the video posted by @alcasthq on Instagram, Exarchs ‘Egress’ powerful Wraith-of-Crows World Boss, Clockwork City – who has about three million health – is killed in about three seconds during the current event. One could say that this is a prime example of the Elder Scrolls Online community together stronger.

These powerful enemies are specially built for a group to form and fight them; While there are some players that can defeat them independently, World Boss health often exceeds millions (with most player damage per second being around 40k). Therefore, players use the global chat to look for other players and ESO partner for a joint battle with these fearsome enemies.

In events like Daedric War Commemorative Event, released until February 1st, it doesn’t seem that easy to locate a group and fight World Bosses as it is in the player’s best interest to locate these enemies in the game. in-game events and kill them for exclusive rewards. Therefore, at specific World Boss locations, Elder Scrolls Online The player will usually see a bunch of other players waiting for the enemy to respawn. With that many players, it only took a minute or two, if not less, for the World Boss to be destroyed as soon as it appeared.

Although the players get the best builds for them ESO character being able to kill several World Bosses independently, it’s always a pleasure to gather fellow adventurers and battle enemies through your maps. Elder Scrolls Online.

Scrolls online available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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