Elder Scrolls Online: Every Stonefalls Skyshard Location

Stonefalls is home to 16 Skyshards, some easy to find, some not so easy to find. Here are the exact locations of each.

Elder Scrolls Online Stonefalls Skyshard Location Guide

Seems like there’s never a shortage of things to do Scrolls online, especially as chapters and extensions have increased over the years including the vast majority by Tamriel. One of the activities that players (and guilds) enjoy doing is hunting for Skyshards.

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Skyshards are energy nodes found in every single area and dungeon in the game. In Stonefalls, a starting area for the Treaty of Ebonheart in The Elder Scrolls Online, there are 16 Skyshards to collect, many of which can be easily found in the main area quest.


Skill Points Absorbed Elder Scrolls Online Skyshards

Skyshards in Scrolls online used to gain Skill Points. While leveling up, the player gains a certain number of Skill Points in each level and milestone, but the total number of Skill Points is limited to Level 50. For every three Skyshards the player collects, they receive one more Skill Point.

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It’s not useful soon because level-based Skill Points will fill in most of your Skill Lines No problem. However, at Max Level it’s the only way to get new Skill Points, as upgrading your Champion Points only increases the quality of the loot you can get, not the number of Skill Points you must use for abilities and consumables.

Where to find every Skyshard stone

Elder Scrolls Online Stonefalls Skyshard Location Guide Numbered Map
Number Description Inside the Dungeon?
first Watch the lion swim to the shore Is not
2 Near the gate of Bal Foyen Is not
3 Organize an attack on Arand Is not
4 A Woman on a Cliff, Beyond the Sulfur Pool Is not
5 Among mushrooms, above Lukiul Uxith Is not
6 Among the pools of fire, above Vivec’s Wayshrine Is not
7 South on Ashen Road, where lava flows Is not
8 Hiding, on the hearth of the cave Is not
9 On the hillside behind the plantation Is not
ten Remains of rust beside the ancient arms Inner marine armature
11 Used to attack the underground fire Emberflint . Mine
twelfth Listen to Spinner’s whispers Mephala’s Nest
13 Where the fiery tide rises Hightide Hollow
14 Found in the soft mud by daggers Softloam Cavern
15 Discover the taste of madness Sheogorath’s Tongue
16 Drowning in the south by a clever bird Crow’s Wood

There are 16 Skyshards in Stonefalls, nine of which are found and are in the world, and seven of which are found in single or public dungeons throughout the region. The largest cluster of Skyshards to collect is tap the middle of the map (Skyshards 3, 11 and 12).

If the player collects all 16 of these Skyshards, they will receive a total of five Skill Points and one of the next three. Keep in mind that Skyshards now pop up on compass and area maps, so pay attention and you may find yourself accidentally spotting some of these Skyshards without going your way.

Scrolls online available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S

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