Elden Ring’s silly big jellyfish summoner is my friend

Elden Ring doesn’t keep players waiting too long before it provides a few essential tools: the spectral steed Torrent and the ability to summon other spectral allies in battle. It was gratifying to ring the bell and watch a pack of ghostly wolves appear to tear my foes apart. But there’s one big goofy summon that I like better, even if I’m not really sure if it’s more effective. It’s the jellyfish, because he’s my friend.

Just as I crossed the Gate Ruins and ran through the slopes up to a castle, dodging a giant all the way, I met a young girl named Roderika in a castle. She is saddened that all her men, who have come to the Lands Between to fight for her, have been demarcated and turned into a large chrysalis. She is trying to work for the same fate. Hey lady, I’m not here to hear your life story! But I hung out and chatted with her for a bit, and she eventually let me summon my jellyfish, whom I affectionately named Bubbles. Bubble and I have been inseparable ever since.

Who is a moon witch good enough to give me a Summoning Bell, which I can use to summon any Ashes, like wolves – good – or my boy Bubbles. I pulled out my bell, gave it a jingle, and Bubbles bounced off to the party. While wolves constantly rush, gnaw and surround their prey, jellyfish are much more polite. He floats benignly, and sometimes my enemies don’t seem to notice he’s there even after our blades clash.

But then my jellyfish friend spat out a streak of red ink. It does almost no damage; it seems more like an annoyance than anything. But that’s why I love it. It doesn’t look threatening – but then it makes all the difference. After being killed dozens of times by a particularly nasty goon with spears and shields in the rubble, I brought my jellyfish friend with me. This time, when the spear-wielding man lunged at me and I deflected his spear, I had a moment of respite as Bubbles used the supplement juice on his back.

Every time Bubbles attacks a guy, it doesn’t look particularly painful. Instead, the enemy just seemed a little confused. They staggered forward, shaking it off and trying to recollect themselves. Other times, they seem to decide they’ve had enough and take the initiative to run to beat Bubbles’ giant amorphous ass. This opens them up to a good opportunity to counterattack.

Did I make much progress in the game? Is not. Do I feel myself getting better, more and more used to the thrill of winning as I perfect my reflexes? Neither. It’s just me and Bubbles here, honey, and we’ll defeat the Tree Sentinel.

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