Elden Ring will not force the player to ride a horse to fight

While the Elden Ring’s equestrian feature may be required to explore the open world, Miyazaki says it won’t require combat.

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Elden RingThe similarities and differences of other FromSoftware titles is a point worth mentioning as many parts of the game have been shown. FromSoftware is known and popular for its familiar design pattern that runs through many of its games, with comparable action role-playing mechanics and other such features.

However, apart from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicelarger departure, Elden Ring introduces many completely new features compared to the classic features of FromSoftware. In a recent interview, FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki explained Elden RingNew approach to rings and amulets and how the former impacts the story more significantly. But more information has been shared that commenting on a much more unique feature in Elden RingThe ethereal mount of the Horse, Torrent.


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In the same interview with EDGE, Miyazaki has also stated that fighting while mounted on a spectral steed will not be the necessary solution to any encounter, and it only offers “a strategic other possible among many.” Indeed, Torrent offers players a unique way to jump in and out of teamfights with mounted attacks while rapidly galloping around the area to avoid direct foot-to-foot encounters. Other mini-bosses and enemies have been seen riding in Elden RingCheck out ‘s closed network as well as the level of the playing field for such battles.


Knowing that cohesive combat won’t be necessary for any single encounter could be good news for players who prefer to tackle situations differently, even if it has the potential to benefit them. players under specific circumstances. Instead, there is no mention of how integral spectral coherence will be when it comes to Elden Ringexplore the open world. While Torrents can give a slight advantage to some situations in combat, the steed seems invaluable when traversing the Midlands.

Elden RingMiyazaki’s emphasis is on exploration, designed to feature “mysterious situations that players will read about or hear about and want to find and want to explore.” FromSoftware’s previous titles included a lot of exploration, but Elden RingIts open world can allow for much more in-depth exploration that wasn’t previously emphasized.

Players can jump while mounted on Elden RingSpirit steed and distances can be cleared much faster than they can walk. Mounts are also particularly useful as the elegant, blue boosts will allow the player to jump to great heights. The option of a mount is then optimal as a way to accommodate Elden RingThe verticality and the large open world, even if it is not the only advantage in all combat situations.

Elden Ring launches February 25, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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