Elden Ring Sheathe Weapon: How to sheathe the weapon

Sheath your weapon elden ring not only looks cool, but also enables clever skill management. Unfortunately, putting away weapons isn’t immediately obvious, and most players will likely want to have a weapon ready to take on the next enemy that’s no doubt waiting to ambush them. However, when you need to sheathe a weapon, it’s good to know exactly how. Whether you’re playing on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, or Xbox One, armed with a sword, shield, staff, or mace, read on to learn how to hide weapons in the Elden Ring.

How to hide your weapon in Elden Ring

Elden ring scabbard weapon

To hide your weapon in Elden Ring, players must:

  • On PS5 or PS4, hold Triangle and press L1 for left hand or R1 for right hand.
  • On Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, hold Y and press LB for left hand or RB for right hand.
  • On PC, hold E and press left-click for left hand or right-click for right hand.

It’s a slightly tricky combination of buttons to find in the middle of a fight, but once players get used to it, they’ll quickly switch between right and secondary weapons like a pro.

How to only hold weapons in the offhand in Elden Ring

Elden ring scabbard weapon

To offhand weapons only in Elden Ring, players must:

  • Remove all right weapons in the equipment menu.
  • Sheath a right-handed weapon while holding a weapon in your off-hand.

This mechanic is needed for those times when players want to use the off-hand weapon weapon skill. Otherwise, it will be overwritten by the right weapon.

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