Elden Ring Patches Questline Locations: Where Does He Go After Volcano Manor and Shaded Castle?

Scam merchant patch is back Elden Ring, and his quest comes to an abrupt end at the Castle of Shadows. After the player defeats Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, Patches is one of the NPCs who make their exodus from Volcano Manor, leaving the player wondering where he will appear next. Unfortunately, despite his appearance at the Shadow Castle, his following location seems rather mysterious, and we’ll take a look at it below.

Can you see Patches again after Volcano Manor and Shaded Castle in the Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Patches Volcano Manor

After meeting Patches in Murkwater Cave, the player can progress further in the Elden Ring and find him in Volcano Manor. He dated Tanith and opened a shop in the lobby. Again, he will attempt to trick the player into performing the invasion assigned to him by telling them that Tanith asked him to give them a letter. If the player finishes the job and returns, Patches will reluctantly give them a whip.

Once Rykard is defeated, all the surviving NPCs in Volcano Manor leave, including the Patches. In the original version of the game, that was his story, but a patch added another encounter with him to the game. After he leaves the manor, he can be found in the Shadow Castle in the hallway leading to the boss.

Unfortunately, he got himself into a difficult situation:

“Ah, oh, you again…

It’s a shame you have to see me like this…

Oh, I had a little slip, that’s all.

I should have stuck with what I knew best…

No problem. I know I can trust you.

Gullible, yes, but a good soul.

Make sure Tanith gets this.

Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just… It makes me sick to see her curled up out of shape.

Come on, Tanith, back to your high horse, where you belong.

Then can you?

Then I can rest assured, my friend…”

The patches give the player a set of Dancer’s Castanets to give to Tanith, but the current questline doesn’t go any further.

However, the meeting at the Shadow Castle isn’t the last we see of Patches. One chat has identified data that appears to show Patches resetting the store. It looks like players can see him once again running with a group of bandits.


I haven’t seen you for many years.

I didn’t even realize it was you.

Give you a demihuman, or some such person.

You know what it is like, just an innocent mistake.

Water under the bridge huh, back to business as usual?

Death bell…

The business of this band of robbers is hardly what it was discovered…

Especially if we keep running into people who like you…

… Maybe I will set up another shop with the boys…”

This final dialog will appear when the player visits the Patches shop:

“Well, finally made it, eh, and at the right time.

For the massive reopening of Patches’ Emporium.

Where you won’t need a refund, because everything is top notch! ”

For now, we’ll have to assume that Patches’ quest is buggy or will be expanded with a patch or DLC in the future.

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