Elden Ring How to Activate Major Runes: What Does a Runebow Do?

Rune Arcs are one of the most valuable items in elden ring. These consumables, when combined with a Greater Rune, can provide players with significant buffs and make a big difference when trying to take on challenging enemies and bosses. However, it’s not immediately apparent how a Rune Arc works and what players need to do to change its powers.

What does a rune bow do in Elden Ring?

Elden Rune Greater Runes Runebow

If a player has a Greater Rune equipped in Elden Ring, they can use a Runebow to activate its buff. They are actually part of the Elden Ring according to their description:

“A shard of the shattered Elden Ring.

When used, grants the boon of an equipped Greater Rune.

Even if no Greater Rune is equipped, it slightly increases max HP when used.

It is said that the lower bow of the Elden Ring receives its bounty, and this is a shard of one such bow.”

Rune Arcs can be found scattered throughout the Lands Between or purchased from several in-game vendors. However, players can also farm them. These valuable items are a rare drop from rats. From our playthrough, it seems like those in the underground avoidance grounds in Leyndell are the most likely to drop one.

So far we’ve found six Greater Runes that can be equipped in each Place of Grace and activated with a Runebow:

  • Godrick’s Great Rune: Increases all attributes by five points.
  • Malenia’s Major Rune: Attacking enemies restores HP.
  • Mohg’s Greater Rune: Grants phantoms a blood boon (boosts Spirit Ashes).
  • Morgott’s Great Rune: Significantly increases max HP.
  • Radahn’s Greater Rune: Increases maximum HP, FP and Stamina.
  • Rykard’s Greater Rune: Heals players every time they defeat an enemy.

There are ten slots for equippable Greater Runes, so we’re guessing there are four more hidden somewhere in the game.

Players should note that Rune Arcs effects last until a player dies. So, players can teleport and change gear and still enjoy the Greater Rune buff.

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