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Over the years, FromSoftware has become notorious for its challenging, unforgiving, and difficult to master games. Indeed by Dark Souls to elden ringeach adventure offers a new and unique test for players to overcome. However, this level of difficulty is often exaggerated and with the right know-how, players can become masters of these worlds.

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elden ring is no different; With an understanding of game systems and the weaknesses of many enemies, the journey to becoming the Elden Lord can be a much smoother path. Be it using the consumables the game provides or studying the hidden mechanics of the game; There are many tips to improve the combat experience in this huge RPG.

Updated August 13, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra: Elden Ring is one of the most popular video games out there, with FromSoftware recording unprecedented success with this title. The combat system they’ve meticulously developed over the years is arguably at its most polished right now, with players loving taking on difficult bosses and beating them with their skills. Here are some Elden Ring combat tips players should keep in mind when they have problems.


12 Try to separate mobs for easier fights

Any Soulsborne veteran will attest that trying to fight multiple enemies at once is pretty much a death sentence, with enemies circling the player and bullying them incessantly until they’re down and out for the count. In the event that players have to fight more than one enemy at a time, it is important to know exactly how to deal with such a problem.

Players should ideally try to attack single enemies to separate them from a group and take them out with ease. This limits the number of enemies attempting to attack the player at once and makes these encounters far more manageable. While higher level players will get through these encounters without a second thought, starting players will alleviate a lot of their frustration just by being able to separate these massive groups and fight them one at a time.

11 No matter what, avoid button mashing

Button mashing is a tactic that many people might start with elden ring when the fight gets too hectic. This is easily the worst strategy anyone can use in the game for obvious reasons – enemies that stop staggering after the first few hits will easily interrupt the player and trap them in a deadly combo of their own.

In those moments, players should know better than to carelessly play button mash. Everything from attacking to dodging must be performed with extreme precision to survive the many tough encounters in this game, and button-pressing calls for a quick ending to the game.

10 Endurance management is very important

A player’s stamina determines how many moves, blocks, dodges, and anything else in the same direction he can make. High stamina helps curb a lot of management in this area, but players who are just getting into the game early will find this to be quite a challenge indeed.

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That’s why it’s important to always keep an eye on their stamina. Getting greedy with hits means players have a slight lag when dodging, and running out of stamina when blocking also makes the player very vulnerable.

9 Take advantage of I-frames

I-frames, a ubiquitous feature in FromSoftware’s Soulslike games, can be a bit difficult to define, although they are crucial to success in combat. Ultimately, I-frames represent the period of invincibility that players have while rolling.

Any enemy attack elden ring will have a specific moment when players should roll the dice; If timing is right, players will use I-frames to roll through attacks unscathed. Timing can be tricky as attacks usually require players to dodge at the last second, but with practice players will be successful.

8th Don’t panic

Similar to I-frames, panic-rolling is something that will seriously affect a player’s chances of success Elden Rings Battle. Most of the enemies in this game are designed to have extremely delayed attacks, meaning that if a player panics and rolls too early, they will almost always get hit.

To avoid this, study an enemy’s attack patterns and roll at the last second before their attack animation lands. This tip will serve players against a range of bosses, particularly humanoid ones that swing their weapons extremely late.

7 Pots, pots, pots

A severely underused mechanic in elden ring is the use of throwing pots. Created by mixing crafting materials and the ritual pots found in the Between Lands, these pots, which players can have ten at a time, are immensely useful.

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Each pot deals a different type of damage to an enemy, ranging from Frost to Holy. Bosses like Malenia, Blade of Miquella fall quickly when confronted with a stack of Freezing Pots. Indeed, if players time their throws correctly, these items can be crucial in taking down some of the game’s most challenging enemies.

6 Use status effects

enemies in elden ring all have their own weaknesses. Each is particularly weak to a certain type of damage, and once that type is discovered, combat can become much easier. Specifically, players can apply these damage types to their weapons with consumable items, or use weapons with a built-in damage type.

Bleed and Frost are particularly strong in elden ring, with enemies collapsing when faced with a Bloodloss build. To use these damage types, apply greases to weapons. These fats can be found in the world or crafted by the player.

5 Ashes of War

Weapons skills were an interesting experiment in Dark Souls 3; however inside elden ring, They are absolutely crucial to the combat experience. From shooting a stream of rhinestone magic from a blade to slamming the Tainted’s butt into the ground to deal massive damage, using these weapons is a game changer.

A weapon’s Ashes of War activated with the left trigger is displayed in a small text bar above the player’s items and can be changed by Blacksmiths. Some weapons allow the player to change weapon skills, while other, rarer weapons have unique abilities that make them particularly powerful.

4 Use torrents

elden ring features a new mechanic not present in previous FromSoftware games. That is, the gamer’s trusty steed, torrent. While this mount is primarily used for traversing, this trusty steed is also key to a number of combat encounters.

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Torrent is vital when fighting enemies like dragons and Erdtree avatars; It allows players to quickly hit enemies before quickly exiting the situation. In fact, the game’s many dragon battles become exponentially harder without torrenting, and while it’s not always available, it’s certainly a useful tool.

3 Distance is key

enemies in elden ring can be deceptive, players think they’re far enough away and then get crushed by an oversized hammer. To avoid these unfortunate events, always carefully monitor the distances. In particular, make sure the distance to enemies is correct.

This works in two ways, it’s obviously important to be far enough away from unavoidable attacks, but it’s also important to keep the right distance when dealing damage. There’s nothing worse than missing an opponent and being greeted with the “You died” screen. Be careful when approaching enemies and find out how far their attacks reach.

2 Mix up your approach

It’s tempting to stick with an idea of ​​combat elden ring, be it using giant greatswords or a quick and tricky skill build. However, it is important for success in combat that players mix up their approaches. Many enemies in this game become significantly tougher when players refuse to use ranged attacks and vice versa.

Maybe drop some points in Intelligence, Faith, or Arcane so there’s an option to fall back on if melee isn’t enough.

1 Press for staggers

Stunning bosses have always been an aspect of FromSoftware’s games, but in elden ring, they are more important than ever. Both bosses and enemies are extremely weak to sway build-up. Once an enemy’s stagger gauge fills up, they fall to the ground, allowing players to deal large amounts of damage with a critical hit.

Leap Attacks, Heavy Attacks, and Ashes of War are crucial to building up an enemy’s stagger gauge. Use them throughout the fight to gain a huge advantage over the game’s enemies.

elden ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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