Elden Ring Bosses easier on new game +

An even better bonus is a 20-second movie that awaits those Tarcked who bring up the nonsense of the Elden Beast in their first level. That reward will be the power of retribution and revenge against the very bosses who bullied them. Because coming to New Game Plus (Journey 2), Elden Ring the player is armed to the teeth and has become Lord of Elden at least once.

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If anything, check out the second screen in Elden RingNew Game Plus of the game is like completing a hit list. In this level, the Lands Between has become the operating table, and the player is the surgeon. Of course, players will want to start with the softest targets. These bosses are among the most vulnerable in New Game Plus. They call the maidens blurred; repay them in kind by rendering them lifeless.

9 Grafting branches

Matching Scion in Chapel of Anticipation is technically the first boss the player will face Elden Ring. It mainly exists to bring players to their first death. In the first playthrough, it’s virtually impossible to win against Grafted Scions as their hiss attack is unstoppable. Players also only have to pay a few fees for their HP pot.

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Of course, all those deviations are gone in New Game Plus. The puzzle at the beginning of Journey 2 is no more dangerous than the usual forage in Stormveil Castle. Players can even knock it down in one or two attacks depending on their build. Then they will have to find another way to die because of the Failed Match.

8 Tree Sentinel

Could be the second or third boss that most players are in Elden Ring The Tree Sentinel is one of the earliest nightmares for players. It is also the first hurdle in the game that teaches the player that not all encounters are worth confronting. For level 1 or level 10 players new to the cave, a giant golden knight on horseback was too much.

But for a finished Elden Lord at level 150 who was taking a leisurely stroll in New Game Plus, the Tree Sentinel was just a practice target. The player can approach this boss by chance with JoJo walk while they prepare their one-shot combo. Normally, the Tree Sentinel wouldn’t stand a chance.

7 Crucible Knight

For some, Crucible Knights are even harder than the main bosses. After all, this boss ‘Evergaol’ is right on top of Stormhill, implying that it’s an early boss fight. That couldn’t be further from reality. Because this thing fights like a late game boss. The dodge windows are too tight and it gets angry if the player heals.

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It’s still pretty tough in New Game Plus, but at least the Crucible Knight’s HP is more controllable this time around. The player’s fully upgraded weapons, bulky stats, and huge HP bar ensure that the Crucible Knight won’t be as scary this time around.

6 Margit, the Fell Omen

It’s good that the players didn’t put their stupid ambitions to rest. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get a chance to tell Margit how it feels to be cuddled by Erdtree, who always rejects him. Only candidates for the Elden Lord are allowed inside Erdtree. Who’s the foul one now, old man?

It’s too bad Elden Ring The main characters are silent. Therefore, the player must speak for their character when voicing their grievances and authority over Margit. Previously, he was the biggest novice filter that existed in open world games; now in New Game Plus he’s just a cranky old man who keeps telling players to leave his Stormveil Castle lawn to no avail.

5 Godrick, the transplanted one

Godrick, Grafted holds a similar position to Margit as the big bad boss in Stormveil Castle. He’s not exactly as tough as Margit as the player has had a chance to level up quite a bit before facing him, but he’s still formidable in a New Game playthrough. A lot of melee characters are sure to have trouble with his bursting attacks.

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Thankfully, his damage as well as his HP doesn’t go too high when it comes to New Game Plus. In fact, a lot of players in Journey 2 are killing Godrick before he has a chance to transition into his second phase. Much for bearing witness to his golden age.

4 Starscourge Radahn

Regardless of the amount of playthrough, the epic battle with the Starscourge Radahn will always be hilarious – sometimes even funny at the border, with all those little NPCs stroking his legs (or lack thereof) . The big difference is that in New Game Plus, players are no longer running for their lives.

While in the New Game, the players will most likely be on the bench, letting Radahn beat Alexander; in New Game Plus, taking down Radahn was easier than expected with the full build. It is even faster if the player uses the Bleed weapon against him. For even more epic flexibility, players can skip summoning other NPCs and just need Radahn alone.

3 Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is one of the freest bosses in the series soul game and this adds to the fear factor in the face of it first. Its attacks are too damaging and even have some tricks that fool the player that the player usually can’t see.

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Thankfully, this thing isn’t exactly tanky. In the new game Plus in Elden Ring, Astel gains a shorter clubhead when HP is increased. The player can easily kill the creature just by hitting its head a few times. If it can travel 3,000 miles in combat, that’s more of an annoyance than a prelude to an untimely death.

2 God-Devouring Serpent / Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy was quite easy in the first level because the player will only use Serpent-Hunter. However, New Game Plus gives players ample opportunity and resources to fully upgrade the Serpent-Hunter to +10 or +9.

This will practically nullify Rykard’s HP gain. The damage caused is too great. There are some daring souls in Elden Ring The community, however, does not like using spears. In this case, a Bleed build can handle Rykard, proving just how powerful it is, especially in New Game Plus.

first Beast Priest / Maliketh, Black Blade

The Beast Priest and his second form, Maliketh, have always been at the top of the food chain in Elden Ring both in lore and gameplay. He is definitely in the top 5 most difficult bosses. However, unlike Malenia, Maliketh is more forgiving due to his lower HP. His most dangerous move also involves reducing the player’s HP.

In New Game Plus, players already have so much HP that they can easily get rid of Malikth’s HP bug and just keep trading with him. In fact, his first form may be even more dangerous as it is more aggressive and restless.

Elden Ring currently available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S.

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