Elden Ring Alexander the Jar Warrior Questline Locations: What Can You Do With Alexander’s Innards?

One of the few truly kind NPCs in Elden Ring is Alexander the Jar Warrior. Early in the game, the player can find a large Living Jar trapped in the ground calling itself Iron Fist Alexander. However, his story does not end there. He can be found in several locations throughout the game. Following this quest line, the player will give the player an important item called Alexander’s Innards without any obvious use.

Here are every position the potter appeared on his quest, and some theories about what Alexander’s Innards were for.

Location of Elden Ring Alexander Questline

Alexander’s first encounter in the Elden Ring is not difficult to find, but he becomes increasingly elusive in subsequent encounters.

First place: Stormhill, Limgrave

Elden Ring Alexander First place

The first meeting with Alexander is easy to find. The player will hear him cry for help. They will find him trapped in a hole, and he will require a strong smack to knock him out of it. Do the same and talk to him to get the reward.

Second location: Gael Tunnel, between Caelid and Limgrave

Elden Ring Alexander Second place

The next meeting took place in a tunnel connecting Caelid and Limgrave. He will go through a relaxation door and tell the player that he is going to Redmane Castle to compete there.

Third place: Redmane Castle, Caelid

Elden Ring Alexander Third place

Alexander has reached Redmane Castle and wants to participate in the festivities there. Even if the player hasn’t met him yet, he will still be here. So this could be Alexander’s first location for some.

Fourth Place: Starscourge Radahn’s Place of Grace, Caelid

Elden Ring Alexander Fourth place

If the player returns to the Radahn Starscourge’s Grace Site, they will find Alexander distraught. He was fractured in his fight with Radahn and was scooping up the remains of his soldiers into himself in hopes of becoming stronger.

Fifth location: South of Carian Study Hall, Liurnia of the Lakes

Elden Ring Alexander Fifth place

Alexander was once again trapped in a hole on his way home to visit his home village south of the Carian Study Hall. This time the player will need to cover him with an Oil Pot to make him slippery enough to slide out. To get the Oil Pot, the player needs to find the merchant in the Siofra River and buy the Nomad Warrior’s Cookbook (17). Once the player has the recipe, they can craft it using a single Molten Mushroom.

Sixth place: Lava Lake near Fort Laiedd, Mount Gelmir

Elden Ring Alexander Sixth place

This time, Alexander hopes to harden his skin by heating himself in lava. Unfortunately, before the player can reach him, they will need to face Magma Wyrm. He can then be found near a rock jutting out of lava near the cliff face. Luckily, he’s not trapped this time, so the player will only have to spend some time in the lava to make this encounter.

Seventh place: Forge of the Giants, Mountaintop of the Giants

If the player has found Alexander at his previous locations, they have the option to summon him to help in the fight with the Fire Giant boss.

Eighth Place: Near the site of Grace’s Dragon Temple elevation, Farum Azula collapses

Elden Ring Alexander Seventh place

If the player rides a Dragon Temple Lift motorcycle, they will come to an area where they can find Alexander if they hang on to the right. He lets players know how much he respects their strength and asks them to duel him. He’s not too tough, and he appreciates the player who gave him an honorable death. The player is rewarded with Alexander’s Innards and the Shard of Alexander for defeating him.

What do you do with Alexander’s Innards in the Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Alexander Innards

The first major patch for the Elden Ring restored an NPC that players could give to Alexander’s Innards. Alexander’s grandson Jar-Bairn has now appeared in Jarburg, and the item is required to complete his quest.

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