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Some people seem to be born leaders, while others are able to lead through them. History
shows us that many people from fairly modest backgrounds have suddenly
turned into legends in their own time and beyond. What makes a Julius Caesar or a
Napoleon? What creates in our time, and less engaged in conquest, things like Richard
Branson, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett?
What they have in common is
they are effective communicators, and a
maybe even say “rotary doctor”. Surname
understand the importance of conveying a
visionaries want to participate. Julius
Caesar and Napoleon both understood
propaganda and can convince people
that their defeat is indeed victory.
Effective modern leaders like Branson and
Jobs built the company from scratch, with every
workers become convinced of the importance
of the mission and willing to do their part.
In every opportunity to lead, there will be
become obstacles, pitfalls and hard times – not only
successes. That’s how someone reacts to
these difficult times, and for many of their critics
Who wants to pick them up in pieces, that could be
The mark of a great leader.
As with many things in life, timing is also important. Learn how to communicate effectively to
Your chosen audience at the right time and place can be difficult, but much success can be achieved
Know your audience
The most important aspect of any effective communication is knowing your audience. This
Audiences will vary, so being flexible in your communication style is a great skill for any leader.
Yes. In a single day as the leader of a business or department, you can
talk to:
 Employees
 Shareholders
 Business partners
 Potential business partners
 Suppliers
 Customers
 Children tour your facility
…and more.
How you talk to them, and what you choose to say or not say to them, is the key to success
contact. For example, you won’t be reviewing your 4th quarter sales results with the kids. And
you won’t give departmental reviews to your customers – only to your employees.
Right time
Time is also key. For example, no business leader wants to deliver bad news, but
sometimes the more you hide from it, the worse things can get. If there is a recession and you
must initiate layoffs, this should be communicated sooner rather than later.
The right style
Using the example of having to deliver bad news, you must also choose your moment and
Communication style. What shouldn’t you say to anyone other than pink slippers?
Email everyone? Or should you send an email to schedule a very important meeting?
When everyone is present at the meeting, how should you announce?
news? Do you have to say that there will be people who are fired and
Leave it there? Or will you explain the reason behind
decide, what the next steps will be and what you think will be
happen forward?
Listening is just as important a leadership skill as speaking.
You will give the employee a chance to ask about the redundancy
and the situation in general? Or leave it to your manager?
After the meeting is over, you will have some
Next steps and options. Will you talk to each one?
get a pink slip, or let your hiring manager do it? Or will
these workers were only informed and no one said a word
regret or appreciation for all their past efforts?
Sometimes, good or bad communication comes from not saying anything at all. A worker with
a person who slips in pink without being given a clear reason or being thanked may feel more
more disgruntled than someone being treated like a human being.

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