Edward Snowden comments on Streamlabs copying controversy

Edward Snowden ponders the controversy surrounding Stremlabs’ recently exposed plagiarism antics involving Lightstream and other sources.

Streamlabs Copy Controversy

Things have become difficult because Twitch recently due to controversy surrounding hate attacks and major leaks of its database and code. Of course, Twitch has taken action on both of these, in part because Streamlabs introduced “Safe Mode” to help combat hostile attacks.

Streamlabs, for those unaware, is partnering with Twitch to help players stream from Xbox to Twitch. In the past, players had to use capture cards to bring game streams to PC and then to Twitch, while Streamlabs allows them to stream from the console much more easily. It has also been the engine of choice for PC streamers for a while, including popular Twitch stars like Pokimane. However, this convenience was not enough to prevent Streamlabs from burning.


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Streamlabs has attracted scrutiny for several cases of apparent plagiarism. Lightstreams, a rival streaming tool, first brought this to light by pointing out that Stremlabs’ website is almost a complete clone of Lightstreams’ own website. The tweet quickly gained attention as people confirmed the similarities and called out Streamlabs, with even Edward Snowden joining in. Even though Streamlabs Launches Its Own Charity Platform in 2019, people flocked there to denounce.

Streamlabs defended itself, saying that the text, structure, and formatting were clearly transcribed as a test and not intended for public publication, a response that absolutely no one thought was legitimate. Soon, others began to point out how Streamlabs used other company assets, including a tweet showing how it had also reused Lightstreams review quotes on its own site. Streamlabs was quickly criticized by none other than Pokimane, one of its most prominent users, who threatened to demand that her name and face be removed from the product unless things were resolved. With Pokimane is currently the co-founder and CCO of her own company and already a streaming star, that need carries considerable weight.

Other allegations came from OBS, which indicated that Streamlabs used its name for its own service (SLOBS) even when it was not requested. With all the pressure on its close partner, Twitch probably won’t be pleased, especially after Turkish politician asks for it to be investigated in the first day of this month.

This may not affect Twitch’s huge viewership directly, but if Streamlabs doesn’t properly address what appear to be many cases of plagiarism, many of its users may leave for other software. Only time will tell whether Streamlabs’ response is adequate.

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