Edge puts his hands on Seth Rollins

WWE Smackdown Results and Live News: Edge puts his hands on Seth Rollins to show us Summerslam
WWE Smackdown Results and Live News: Edge puts his hands on Seth Rollins to show us Summerslam

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Direct News: Highlights and what happened at the WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on July 24th: Smackdown on Friday this week will be a special edition as it will be broadcast live from two locations. Cleveland, Ohio hosts much of the event, and then we see the action at the Rolling Loud Music Festival live from Miami.

The rematch has been announced since last week between Carmella and female Smackdown champion Bianca Belair and will be held at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami. John Sena, in addition to winning the championship, also appears in the Blue brand, inviting Roman Table Head. Also, Tony Storm will finally make his roster major debut.

Smackdown results and Live News night

  • John Kena calls Roman Ruler
  • Finn Balor and Sami Zane
  • Big E is in the ring
  • Chad Gable and Angelo Dawkins (at the Rolling Loud Music Festival)
  • Smackdown Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) Carmella (at the Rolling Loud Music Festival)
  • Edge is in the ring of the WWE Universe solution

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WWE Smackdown results and Live News: WWE Smackdown, follow live updates

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WWE Smackdown results: These are the results of the night

Edge is in the ring- Rated-R Superstar to head to the WWE Universe and talk about Seth Rollins. He began by appreciating the crowd and what they meant to him and how hard he worked in his life to get back to this ring.

Edge pointed out that he should be standing as a universal champion in the ring, but because Seth Rollins isn’t the champion he is today. Edge said you have no idea what you did at Money in Bank and how you pay for it. While Edge was talking, the music of Seth Rollins hit and he climbed the ramp and later climbed into the ring.

Seth talked about how horrible the Cleveland crowd is and how horrible people like Edge and John Kena are who just go out and take their chances. He even called Edge a “grandfather” and people chanted, “You’re breastfeeding”. Rollins reminded Edge of 2014 when he almost trampled Edge by the neck. She said she was hesitant in 2014, but now doesn’t step on the leg when the neck was surgically repaired. After much discussion between the two, a fight ensued and eventually, Edge straightened up.

Scene- Baron Corbyn asks Kevin Owens for financial help. Owens helps him with a few dollars, but in the end, a target shot from a small Nox & Shitzi tanker hits Corbyn and he falls to the ground. Siegler and Rudd came and took the money Owens had given to Corbyn.

The action is now moving to the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami Gardens

Smackdown Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) Carmella (at the Rolling Loud Music Festival) The return match from last week is here. Carmella immediately hid Bianca, the heroine with the same movement please come back. The two droppers and Carmella felt the heat from the start.

EST from WWE was looking for Death Early, but Carmella resisted by moving to the front. Belair put his hard right hand on Carmella and she was down. Carmella felt the heat because the offense didn’t work.

The Champion then tested the vertical complexion, but Carmella resisted by planting Bianca Belair in the first face. In the final moments, Carmella tried to hurry with her offense, but Binaka caught her with a death kiss to end the game and keep her title.

WWE Smackdown Results: Bianca Belair defeated Carmella

Chad Gable and Angelo Dawkins The benefits of the street are accountable, and Angelo Dawkins was like a man who did the same thing. Dawkins ran Gable with a body sprain, Gable worked on Dawkins ’injured shoulder and arm, who was injured 3 weeks later in the WWE Smackdown.

Chad Gable then went to the German complex and tried to cover Dawkins, but the big man kicked him in the side by 2 kicks. Dawkins took control of the race with a painful hand kick. He then planted Gable with a horrible skin on his spine to defeat the Alpha Academy commander.

WWE Smackdown Results: Angelo Dawkins defeats Chad Gable via Pinfall.

Big E is in the ring- Mr. Money is in the Bank in the people’s circle with the support of the people. She was talking about the house, it is important to get this contract. As soon as he spoke, apollo Crews entered and stopped him before Dolph Siegler and Sami Zane stopped him.

Rick Bugs and King Nakamura overcame the confusion. Sesaro was in the next row, interfering, and it seemed like everyone was putting their eyes on the intercontinental championship. Inside the ring, a fight broke out with Cesar, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesa to get them all down and out.

Scene- Baron Corbyn discusses his stage of remorse and how much he needs money to live a better life.

Finn Balor and Sami Zane- After 2 long years, we are finally operating Finn Balor in the Blue brand. The fight began with a classic wrestling block and then Sami Zane controlled Balor with his arm. Zane covered the match from the start as he hit her hard with his jaw out of the ring.

Zane then put Finn back in the ring, but this time the latter caught him with some heavy blows and sent Zane out through the middle rope. The squealing of the rope above humbled Zayn as we went into business.

After the commercial, both men were inside the ring. Sami Zane was about to make it to the Helluva Kick final, but resisted with an anti-skid board. In the final moments, Balor was preparing for a coup d’état, and after two corner kicks Zayn t, the prince finally hit Balor’s dome de Grasse and hid 1,2,3.

WWE Smackdown Results: Finn Balor defeats Sami Zane through a pinfall

Start John Kena is here to start the show.

She says she has returned to the Universiade at WWE Summerslam to challenge Roman Ruler. She continued, and in Cleveland, we were just a few moments away from John Kena and Roman Rule.

She had a very big mouth for Roman Kingdoms and said the Smackdown with Roman Ruler was not as good as their hero. In addition, he is not only a matchmaker in Summerslam John Cena and Roman Ruler, but you have been told what you (WWE Universe) believe in everyone. After forming a sense of excitement in the WWE Universe, Cena called the kingdoms of Rome.

After the re-enactment of World Champion Roman Rule, Paul Heyman stepped in to replace Roman and said that Cena would hear from Roman tonight, but only when he made up his mind. Roman will answer John Kena, but only when he wants to. Paul Hayman took off with a mockery of John Kena’s music.

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