Eddie Munson Is The Bob Of Season 4

This article contains revealers for Strange things Season 4.It’s a sad fact but a fact nonetheless: Eddie Munson died in the finale of Strange things season 4. While Strange thingsmuch as Game of Thrones and potentially a sequel to the new Jon Snow, have never shied away from the brutal killing of their characters, most memorably Barb in season 1, Billy in season 3 and of course Bob in season 2, which is essential as the danger grows. get a raise. This season presents a bigger and stronger threat than the group of nostalgic nerds have faced before, as well as more dire consequences, so it’s only fair that body will increase. In the first season, Vecna ​​kills a completely different teenager Hawkins, but fortunately all the main characters are relatively fine, however this all changes in Episode 2, which all culminates the point is that death is reminiscent of dear Eddie’s Bob.


The deaths start pretty fast in episode 2 starting with Papa for many Brenner doctors but the truth Strange things fashion, they leave the most influential death for the final episode. When Hawkins’ extremely brave guardians travel into the Upside Down, armed to the teeth with a considerable amount of fire, they decide to kill Vecna ​​in a last-ditch attempt to save the world. Literally, at any point in the plan to defeat the villain, formerly 001 or Henry Creel to take his birth name, chances are any character could meet a well-timed death their, even Erica, who was given the task by far the safest job. It’s true that Max is technically dead, but it’s not permanent (although it put her in a pretty severe coma), where Eddie’s death is very final.

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His death, though traumatic, is quite probable, with the previous teammate for the second episode revealing some rather heroic final standing moves in The Upside Down, showing Eddie playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on electric guitar to lure bats from Vecna’s hideout. This song is a great choice of screenwriters, following the tradition of great musical moments, as it not only has a strong metallicity that fits the 1986 setting, but the song perfectly sums up Vecna ​​and his use of mind powers to control those around him. It also acts as a glorious flare best suited for intense characters, going out with a bang.

Going into episode two, Eddie topped the list of the characters fans were most worried about, a deeply likable character who had an inevitable death about him, just like Bob did in season 2. both are characters who almost need to die in order for the larger story to continue. For Bob, his death gave Joyce a sense of relief that she would never really get out of the Upside Down, and gave her a roundabout path to being with the man she should have been. on the side: Hopper is strong but vulnerable. With Eddie, there really wasn’t much of a life for him to return to life as normal. He will remain a top suspect and will likely be charged with murdering Vecna’s victims, with no way of proving his innocence. He will spend the rest of his life on the run or in prison, something that won’t make much sense if included in future seasons.

However, the similarities don’t end there, both Bob and Eddie met their deaths through an act of sacrifice. Eddie took the crown for this, deciding to take the initiative not to leave Dustin’s Opposite when he got the chance, and stay to buy some more time. This was a big surprise to the audience at first, but after rethinking it summed up perfectly and ended his story. His job is to bait Dustin, but this is not an accurate reflection of who he is, or at least who he wants to be.

Throughout the season, it echoes his frustration with himself for always on the run, but in this crucial moment, he chooses to stay put and buy his friends the time they desperately need to stop. Varna by Jamie Campbell Bower. It gives him the perfect redemption, no longer having to run but face things, truly becoming the hero he could only be in his D&D games. Bob’s sacrifice comes with equally dangerous, he chooses to go down to the basement to reactivate the power, being the only person trapped in the building who knows enough about the computer system to be able to activate it again. it. He knew it would be very dangerous, but he insisted on doing it anyway because it was the only way to ensure his loved ones would live.

Both Eddie and Bob barely made it through, Eddie succumbing to the wounds inflicted by the demon bats just before they all fell from the sky behind Hopper and the others. burned the rest of the Russians’ minds, and Bob almost got it out of the facility before being caught by the demo dogs at the last moment. Both are tragic deaths but the perfect way to exploit their short but sweet storyline, Eddie goes away as a hero of Hawkins, dying to save some good friends and comrades. the best he’s ever had, and Bob’s rescue was successful. his new family. Both are remembered, at least by insiders, as heroes – Will paints Bob as a superhero and Dustin calls him Eddie’s uncle.

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