Eclipse needs to stand out from the crowd

The 2021 Game Awards are known for their worldwide premieres, and the big night of 2021 is no exception. Quantic Dream has announced an upcoming, hitherto unknown title set in a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars: Eclipse The trailer offers everything a fan could want from a Star Wars Titles: lightsaber combat, aerial combat, interstellar conspiracies, strange alien locales and a side of taiko drumming.

eclipse also seems to be the first video game to be set Star Wars High Republic Era – a setting that Disney primarily developed through books and comics. But Quantic Dream’s sharp intro raises the awkward question of what eclipse can do it differently coming Star Wars title cannot. Although Quantic Dream has attracted attention for Detroit: Be Human and Outside: Two Souls, recently Star Wars the title delivered compelling stories with excellent execution. eclipse there will be even stiffer competition from the return of another game set in a similar era.


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More Star Wars games to come

The long-awaited follow-up to Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Orders will likely please action fans with a mix of Not detected-discover esque and soul-lite combat. While the title tells its cinematic story wonderfully, it’s easy to see how a narrative-driven game from Quantic Dream could scratch the itch differently. But Failure order 2 not the only other Star Wars title on the horizon, as fans also have By Ubisoft Open world title.

Recently announced Knight of the old republic redo is likely to make a big impact with fans of the original and newcomers alike. Its story was a key foundation in the series’ pre-Disney Legend rule, and one of the highlights of the original game was the extent to which players were able to interact with their crew. In addition to being an excellent BioWare RPG, it is also a character drama that the player must call all the shots.

A question about genre

star wars eclipse wars

It’s important to note that the High Republic is a distinct setting from the Old Republic, though it’s hard to imagine what different narrative opportunities it would offer. While the trailer is visually impressive, with a branded opening that is less obvious than many others Star Wars tease, it still feels like a Star Wars introductory video. The only hints to the game’s plot are a slow eclipse, alien diplomats in the cityscape possibly Naboo and Coruscant, and drummers performing for an emerging humanoid. from a tar-like substance.

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Quantic Dream games like 2018 Detroit: Be Human defied conventional definitions, which operates in a field that is more mechanically complex than most Telltale Games work, but is equally as story-focused. The question is whether Quantic Dreams can follow its same formula here, or not Star Wars still enjoyable without much of a fight, and if not, it can show what that is unique while maintaining their signature focus on the story.

Force sensitivity

star wars eclipse icon

One potential way that Quantic Dream can differentiate eclipse from the crowd will discover the Force in a new way. While most Star Wars games focus on their utility for combat, a few explore the vision mission aspects, jedi thinking, occult. All other upcoming titles are also guaranteed to feature the Force in some significant capacity, but most will do so in an action-oriented capacity like Failure order 2, as a set of puzzle solving tools as in Lego star wars, or as a means of character building and advancement KOTOR remake, and possibly Ubisoft’s open world title.

If Quantic Dream focuses its attention on the use of the Force in its narrative, eclipse can offer fans something completely new Star Wars experience; something more subjective and strange than what players are familiar with. Though that doesn’t mean Jedi should have all the fun. Similar focus is on other non-combat systems such as smugglers evading capture or playing Sabak for information, or royal senators and Jedi councilors debating issues. important topic, can give similarly distinct dynamics.

Star Wars: Eclipse currently being developed by Quantic Dream.

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