Easily unlock the new Fly in the End of Eternity

In MMORPGs, unlocking the ability to fly in new areas is often very liberating and tedious. According to a newly discovered achievement in the 9.2 Public Test Realm build, World of Warcraft took the hint, simplifying flying unlock for its new region compared to the old, brutal requirements in previous regions.

World of WarcraftEternity’s End The patch will take players to the heart of creation in Zerith Mortis’ First Ones realm. There they will confront Anduin and Jailer with the help of Uther, Sylvanas, Jaina and the others as they bring the story of Shadowlands Conclusion once and for all.


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Flying in Zerith Mortis is easy, especially when compared to the unlocking requirements in previous expansions. The composite achievement, “Unlock the Secret,” requires six achievements to complete, but each has a relatively simple prerequisite, with only the final one being timed over the progress of the player. the raid of the Sepulcher of the First Ones.

  • Explore Zerith Mortis: Reveal all areas on the map.
  • Curious Collection: Loot 5 unique hidden treasures.
  • Road to Enlightenment: Complete all 3 side quests.
  • Tales of the Exile: Loot 10 pages of “Firim in Exile” across the region.
  • Adventures in Zerith Mortis: Beat 10 unique encounters.
  • A Means to an End: Complete Eternity’s End campaign.

Starting next week liberate, release, free Eternity’s Endwhen the final chapter of the 9.2 campaign is released, players will be able to fly in Zerith Mortis over all of their characters after completing these simple objectives.


Fly into World of Warcraft was introduced in the first expansion, Burning Crusade. While the initial flight unlock is controlled only by gold tax and level requirements, OH then struggled on how to handle flying in its later expanding areas, and eventually settle in with grueling Pathfinder achievements that require a lot of honing and exploration.

Players breathed a sigh of relief seeing how easy it would be to fly in Zerith Mortis. The tedious reputation and cultivation of the rare Pathfinder achievement are anything but common, and with flying still unavailable in the Maw and Korthia regions, many fear they won’t be able to fly in Zerith Mortis. World of Warcraft unlocked flight for others Shadowlands area easily in 9.1, and many people are relieved to continue this pattern in 9.2.

However, for many people, a simple fly unlock won’t be enough to lure them back to 9.2. Blizzard has lost a lot of trust from players amid leadership corruption and unpopular story and mechanical decisions in the game. OH. Blizzard is committed to regaining that trustStill, and the new trend of simple plane unlocking seems like a good step forward in doing so, at least in terms of game mechanics.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands available on PC. Eternity’s End is currently under development.

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The source: Wowhead

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