Each Pokemon is dedicated to the Brilliant Diamond (& Where to Find Them)

Version-specific Pokemon has been a staple of the Pokemon series since the start of begging. These are all Brilliant Diamond exclusive Pokemon.


Since its release Pokemon Red & Blue more than a quarter of a century ago, main line Pokemon Game always come in pairs. Some see this as a cynical money-maker from Game Freak and Nintendo, and while there may be some element of truth to this, it also serves a different purpose. Each game pair has version-exclusive Pokemon, which means players will need to trade with their friends to complete their Pokedex. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is once again the case with the latest installments of the series, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls.


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At launch, each game had 37 Pokemon that couldn’t be found in the other game. Much of this comes in the Grand Underground, a brand new area created specifically for remakes. Some of them also appear on regular routes, while Legendary Pokemon version exclusive found at the Spear Pillar as part of the main story or in the Ramanas Park end-game area. With all of this in mind, this guide will focus on all the version-specific Pokemon in Brilliant diamond.

Each Pokemon is dedicated to the Brilliant Diamond (& Where to Find Them)


Pokemon Name Type Where to find?
Caterpillar Bugs Grand Underground
Metapod Bugs Evolved from Caterpie at level 7
No butter Bug / Flying Evolved from Metapod at level 10
Ekans Poison Grand Underground
Arbok Poison Evolved from Ekans at level 22
Growlithe Fire Grand Underground
Arcanine Fire Evolve from Growlithe with Flint
Seel Water Lines 226 & 230/ Grand Underground
Dewgong Ice Evolve from Seal at level 34 / Routes 226 & 230/ Grand Underground
Scyther Bug / Flying Line 229 / Grand Underground
Scissors Bug / steel Evolve from Scyther when traded while holding the Metal Coat
Elekid Electricity Grand Underground
Electabuzz Electricity Evolved from Elekid at level 30
Electivire Electricity Evolves from Electabuzz when traded while holding an Electirizer
Murkrow Dark / Flying Eterna Forest / Lost Tower / Grand Underground
Honchkrow Dark / Flying Evolve from Murkrow with the Twilight Stone
Gligar Ground / Flying Grand Underground
Gliscor Ground / Flying Evolve from Gligar when leveling up at night while holding a Razor Fang
Entei Fire Ramanas Park (Johto Slate)
Raikou Electricity Ramanas Park (Johto Slate)
Suicune Water Ramanas Park (Johto Slate)
Larvitar Rock / Ground Route 207 / Grand Underground
Pupitar Rock / Ground Evolved from Larvitar at level 30 / Grand Underground
Tyranitar Rock / Dark Evolved from Pupitar at Level 55
Ho-oh Fire / Flying Ramanas Park (Rainbow Rock)
Seedot Grass Grand Underground
Nuzleaf Grass / Shadows Evolved from Seedot at level 14 / Grand Underground
Shiftry Grass / Shadows Evolved from Nuzleaf with the Stone of Leaves
Mawile Steel / Fairy Grand Underground
Zangoose Normal Grand Underground
Solrock Rock / Psychic Grand Underground
Kecleon Normal Route 210 / Grand Underground
Cranidos Stone Choose Oreburgh City Skull Fossils
Rampardos Stone Evolved from Cranidos at level 30
Dizzy Poison / Dark Lines 206, 214 & 221 / Grand Underground
Skuntank Poison / Dark Evolve from Stunkt at level 34 / Routes 221 & 225/ Grand Underground
Dialga Iron Dragon Spear Pillar (Related to the story)

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