Dylan O’Brien reboot (Taylor’s version)

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Where do the queens go when a teen idol disappears? When Dylan O’Brien disappeared five years ago, I went to Tumblr, then Twitter, then a liberal arts college. I comeback Teen werewolf microblogging into the social media-manager experience, equipping resumes with conversions from engaging response articles to advertising dollars. I received my entry salary and Rent the Runway membership and started fundraising Oscar Isaac “dad.” I lost my Tumblr password and grew up. All the time left to wonder, where are all the funny, werewolf-like, brown-haired people Mets fans in Jeep car No more?

After a brief hiatus from the limelight, O’Brien is back and harnessing the terrible power of the Internet for good. To the tune of a heartbreaking song and in Jake Gyllenhaal’s super no-bath shoes, the original “internet boyfriend” is ready for a reboot.

While his initial popularity was ahead of schedule internet boyfriend, he bears all the markings of this breed. His role is Stiles Stilinski, the human lead and comedian in MTV’s Teen werewolf, earned the title of “breakout star” for O’Brien and began our virtual love affair. He has been absent from Instagram, which is said to be a mystery. He is a really talented actor not known for his romantic roles, allowing fans to write their own fantasies. He has progressed without the energy “I am a feminist” and if I mentioned before Teen werewolf microblogging didn’t give away, he was the source of godly GIFs. The internet lore surrounding him has eclipsed his commercial reputation, and his popularity is a bug that separates two eras of celebrity crush: wall posters and the anonymous internet. His fans have imaginations and the internet, the force they use to invite absolute sexual chaos. They obsess over every detail, to his favorite baseball team and the broken down blue Jeep his character drives. Wattpad and “fantasy” Tumblr have hybridized some of the most creative pornography you’ll ever see written by hormonal girls and Dylan O’Brien as their muse.

In a move towards mainstream popularity, he has continued to lead Maze runner movies, riding on the wave of “backward-future” content that gripped society circa 2015. His fans followed him to the maze, but after an on-site injury in 2016, you Our internet boy is MIA. During the years of silence, we moved on.

Then, unlike our other ex-boyfriends, politics brought us back together. After years of brainstorming, O’Brien restarted the conversation, turning to Twitter to deliver incredible content about Trump’s impeachment, vaccinations, and advocacy for women’s rights in Texas. He has achieved what many men before him have found impossible: championing women without talent. When Brads, Chads, and state legislators let us down, our first online boyfriend was there to pick us up.

Onscreen, art begins to mimic tweets as O’Brien slowly returns as a leading man, embracing the Internet’s obsession with him. When we measure the past week against his ten-year career, we find he is at his best as he lives online in our stories. The appeal of this O’Brien (Taylor’s version) is that he is willing to perform on stages staged by female artists. And like before, internet culture is making him famous.

In May 2020, the Internet is a dark place, recently ravaged by “Imagine” music video. Actress Sarah Ramos has been steadily making quarantine a funnier place with her “quaranscenes” when she finds out she’s gone viral once again. Twitter has experienced surprised her Social network fake with Eduardo Saverin played by none other than our absent DOB king in his damn hoodie and flip flops.

The short video made a big splash and caught the attention of Andrew Garfield, who praise O’Brien’s portrayal of the character he played many years ago. O’Brien said to The Hollywood Reporter The one-minute 27-second clip has made “more impact in this industry than I’ve had in a decade”. I guess my quarterly search for “who is dating dylan o’brien” isn’t really working.

Then came August 2021, when O’Brien return look like the guy you dated in Bushwick, complete with temporary tattoos, Gen-Z streetwear, the same color scheme and bleach. He’s promoting his upcoming movie No OK, Written and directed by Quinn Shephard, it follows a young woman (Zoey Deutch) who travels to Paris in search of social media fame but gets entangled in a “scary incident”. With only a few Photograph and a new project supported by women, he wakes up his sleeping fandom and expands it to money community.

Come November 5th, Taylor Swift’s Instagram intro video because the All too good: Short film almost broke the internet, racking up over 8 million views in the days leading up to its release and generating countless title nodded to the casting. Dylan co-starred with Strange things Oscar-winner and future Sadie Sink, both of whom have been selected by Swift.

The unexpected casting reminded the world of what we missed: our funny, brunette, vaccinated Mets fans in a Jeep.

Written and directed by Swift, short film released on Friday night and garnered 1.2 million views in its first 30 minutes, surpassing one million per hour. The video itself is extracted from the classic “aesthetic” Tumblr, highlighted by autumn foliage, fairy lights, and wire headphones. Bearded, bearded, and bearded, O’Brien presents painfully convincingly your ultimate internet-free boyfriend alongside Sink’s hopelessly romantic Swift. Together the two tell a heartbreaking story of being raised from an early age with pumpkin spice sprinkles and lights.

Last weekend, Everything is so good dominates every brunch chat and every other tweet in my timeline, all echoing the same sentiment: the perfect culmination of a perfect video for the best song Swift ever wrote .

Today, the potential of O’Brien’s fan base far exceeds that of retired fanfic writers; he got serious again as an artist. Just a few weeks ago, he starred as a more Hollywood version of himself in an episode of Curb your enthusiasm, presents himself as a legitimate comedian who can face to face with being an industry legend. Call it kismet or call it a genius agent, the cameo amplified O’Brien’s solid return to relevance. When the 30s reunite with the 10-year fandom, we have to ask ourselves: Will this love affair affect you?

Teens who brood over O’Brien are also teenagers who excel Everything is so good, feels the lyrics of the song more deeply than a 14-year-old, but that’s the real Taylor Swift effect. Your classic celebrity crush meets the first song that truly breaks your heart, a perfect partnership rooted in nostalgia.

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