Dying Light 2 – Windmill jumping puzzle tutorial

The windmill is a fixture in the game world of Dying Light 2. They have jumping (or parkour) puzzles that you have to complete to get to the top. Once you’re there, you’ll interact with a panel to claim windmills for the faction that controls that area. This will turn the windmill into a makeshift object safe zone, providing a UV lamp and a bed. This is ours Dying Light 2 guide to help you with more tricky windmill jumping puzzles.

Note: For more information, see Dying Light 2 guide and central feature.

Dying Light 2 windmill jump puzzle tutorial

In short, we’re not going to discuss every windmill location or jump puzzle Dying Light 2. There are about a dozen of them, and the mechanism of action is quite similar. Here is the gist:

  • The first windmill you’ll encounter as you progress through the campaign is the Oak Windmill in Quarry Edge. However, you are not really required to capture it. You are only passing through the area during a main quest called The Only Way Out.
  • However, there is a main quest called Unruly Brother that takes place after that. In it, you will meet an NPC named Donald. He will ask for your help. If you agree, you can power up the Larch Windmill in Trinity.
  • In general, windmills have minimum endurance requirements. If you don’t meet that requirement, chances are Aiden’s meter will run out before he can get to the top (assuming he’s just jumping and climbing).
  • Find moving platforms, monkey bars, ledges, and walls that you can cling to.
  • When activating the windmill, you will also get some parkour XP.

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Another important aspect to keep in mind is that you can use your surroundings to your advantage. This is also why I recommend Priority to upgrade Paraglider instead of other Nightrunner Tools. Once fully upgraded, you can use Paragliding to increase height and increase speed.

This makes the windmill challenge easy (pun intended). If there are buildings, houses, or vents nearby, you can use them as jumping points to completely bypass the parkour’s content. In any case, what I want to quote below are some windmills in Dying Light 2 that could prove to be troublesome.

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Magnolia Windmill

  • Location: The Wharf
  • Requirement: 160 stamina

Okay, this isn’t really a challenge. However, it is one of the few unique windmills in Dying Light 2 as you will find a panel at the bottom. This will make the monkey bars move vertically. Use them to swing higher and on the second landing you will find another panel. That will cause the other monkey bar to rise upwards.

Dying Light 2 Windmill Tutorial 1a

Hickory Windmill

  • Location: Garrison
  • Requirement: 200 Stamina

This is similar to the Magnolia Windmill. The difference here is – and I’ll be honest with you – there’s something freak going on. Usually, monkey bars will allow you to swing your body forward. But, for some inexplicable reason, I took action and pressed the button just like I always do, without moving the mouse, and Aiden kept jumping sideways. I don’t know if it’s because of input lag or dropped frame rates, but it does cause a headache. Fortunately, upgrading and enhancing Paraglider saved time.

Dying Light 2 Windmill Tutorial 1b

Juniper windmill

  • Location: Garrison
  • Requirement: 200 Stamina

This is similar to Magnolia and Hickory in that there are monkey bars that move (there’s a wooden block blocking the opening here). Instead of having a headache, I just chose to take the elevator to the top of VNC Tower. I’ve got about 520 stamina at this point, so I just surf until I get to the top. Halfway to my destination, I realized that there were other buildings that I could use as a landing spot, but that’s done.

Dying Light 2 Windmill Tutorial 1c

Cedar Windmill and Spruce Windmill

  • Location: Saint Paul Island and Lower Dam Ayre respectively
  • Requirements: 200 and 400 stamina respectively

I was able to get to the top of these windmills. In fact, in the case of Cedar Windmills, I actually just flew in from the nearby church. So why mention them here? Well, that’s because I have no way to enable them.

I killed all the nearby enemies, and I gave the base in that area to one faction. I still can’t activate the console and so these tasks are still incomplete. Perhaps something else went wrong. If it’s a bug, then I hope it gets fixed in time for release.

Tutorial 2 Dying Light 2 . Windmill

Dying Light 2 available through Sauna. For more information, see guide and central feature.

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