Dungeons & Dragons 5e Best Cleric Builds

For these planning to begin up a Cleric in Dungeons & Dragons 5e, this is every thing price contemplating to get the most effective builds out of the category.

In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, the Cleric is one other a kind of classic lessons that has been with us because the early days, very like fighters and wizards. Historically, Clerics are thought of to be a therapeutic class, and their spells are carried out by the ability of their very own religion and patron deity.

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There is a frequent assumption that clerics are simply the get together’s healer, when the truth is they’re one of the vital numerous lessons in the entire of D&D 5e. The category was initially designed and meant for therapeutic, and they’re nonetheless the most effective class on this regard. Clerics have entry to the most effective therapeutic spells within the sport and positively ought to be the get together healer. Relying on the construct, Clerics can find yourself with vastly completely different skills which enhance a spread of play-style and roles within the get together. All that continues to be is to determine on the kind of Cleric and construct on that framework, following a couple of pointers to guarantee that Cleric is the most effective they are often.

Up to date on August third, 2021, by Kristy Ambrose: With some new subclasses, Feats, Expertise, and different customization choices, the Cleric class of Dungeons & Dragons has moved out of the background. Clerics now lead events into battle, with improved AC and weapon abilities, together with dual- and multi-class choices that may make them the chief of any D&D get together. The Cleric has emerged as one of the vital customizable lessons in D&D, together with different versatile lessons just like the Fighter and Rogue, so do not let any of the next data hold you from making your personal private and distinctive Cleric construct. 

The Finest Races For a Cleric

Dungeons and Dragons cleric removing curse

In relation to race, gamers will wish to search for one that enhances their Knowledge rating. It is an important skill rating a Cleric can have. Verify the D&D Participant’s Handbook and speak to your Dungeon Grasp you probably have an concept that’s homebrewed or not listed within the typical sources.

  • Aarakocra. Discovered within the Elemental Evil Participant’s Companion. +1 to Knowledge and a +2 to Dexterity, making this a perfect selection for Clerics who want better melee weapon skills.
  • Hill Dwarf. A Dwarf subclass from The Participant’s Handbook. +1 to Knowledge on high of the Structure bonus Dwarves have already got.
  • Half-Elf. A traditional and well-liked race from TPH. +2 Charisma, useful in the event you’re multiclassing right into a Bard or Paladin, or wish to be the get together’s chief. +1 to 2 different skill scores of your selection as an possibility to enhance Knowledge.
  • Wooden Elf. A dwarf subclass from TPH. All the typical Elven racial traits together with a +1 to Knowledge.
  • Variant Human. A Human subclass from the 2 skill scores of your selection will increase by +1, which you should use to lift your Knowledge rating.
  • Firbolg. +2 Knowledge, presumably the most effective racial buff for this skill rating. Present in Volo’s Information to Monsters.
  • Kenku. Present in Volo’s Information to Monsters. +1 to Knowledge, and a +2 to Dexterity. The splendid selection for a Cleric that desires to play a morally ambiguous character with Rogue-like traits.

Cleric Capability Scores

knight in armor

The Cleric construct is exclusive from different D&D character creation strategies. There is not any such factor as a “dump stat” with Clerics, as each skill rating has a price relying on the construct.

  • Knowledge. The Cleric’s spellcasting attribute and their most important ability score.
  • Structure. The rating that determines your hit factors. Any therapeutic class ought to max this out each time doable.
  • Dexterity. Relying on the construct, you may change this with Power. Extra offensive Cleric builds would prioritize Dexterity.
  • Power. In case you’re constructing a Cleric with extra protection and martial prowess in thoughts, make this your third most necessary rating as an alternative of Dexterity.
  • Intelligence. Clerics that worth spellcasting skill over get together management or Persuasion skills will worth this rating greater than Charisma.
  • Charisma. Clerics that wish to be the face of their get together ought to prioritize this stat over Intelligence.

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Divine Domains

Cleric Sacred Flame - 5e Best Evocation Spells

The fifth version Cleric subclasses are divided into Divine Domains, every area shaping the varieties of skills that the Cleric will study.

  • Arcana. Permits entry to Wizard spells. An excellent selection for Clerics who’ve a good Intelligence rating and wish to forged each injury and therapeutic spells.
  • Loss of life. Different RPGs name this class a Shadow Priest. Their main position is to deal injury, usually of the necrotic sort.
  • Forge. The selection for a Protection position. That is the battle-Cleric who can take injury and forged each offensive and therapeutic spells.
  • Grave. For injury, buffing, and therapeutic. One of the crucial versatile Domains.
  • Data. Experience in two extra abilities and extra Divination choices. A good selection for any Cleric construct.
  • Life. The only option for a therapeutic construct. Additionally a stable Protection possibility with improved AC.
  • Gentle. A Cleric that makes use of the ability of the Solar to do fireplace and radiant injury. A pleasant backstory to that is that your Cleric is a follower of a photo voltaic deity like Amaunator.
  • Nature. Permits entry to Druid Spells, which embody therapeutic and injury choices, plus the power to put on heavier armor than a Druid.
  • Order. For Clerics who wish to multi-class as a Paladin or take the identical position as one, together with the heavy armor and weapon proficiencies. 
  • Tempest. Entry to thunder and lightning spells, plus the power to put on heavy armor. 
  • Trickery. The apparent selection for Clerics that dabble within the Roguish aspect of life with entry to Phantasm spells and talents like stealth.
  • Struggle. A front-line preventing Cleric with entry to heavy armor and a wide range of martial weapons and abilities.
  • Twilight. A job that covers each safety and offensive powers, has entry to heavy armor when front-line preventing.
  • Peace. It isn’t an offensive Area however as an alternative excels at safety, buffing, and therapeutic.

Expertise and Feats

Cleric Class - Divinity Original Sin 2 Healer Guide


  • Perception. Knowledge-based, it is used to find out the true intentions of any creature. Useful in public areas in addition to in battle conditions when deception is afoot.
  • Faith. Intelligence-based, this measures the Cleric’s skill to recollect the lore, historical past, and different information regarding just about every thing related to religions.
  • Persuasion. Charisma-based, extra helpful for Clerics who act because the get together chief however can produce other makes use of so long as you could have the Charisma rating to again it up.


There are a number of alternatives for picking the best Feat for a Cleric all through any marketing campaign, and your selections will range broadly based mostly in your Cleric construct.

  • Resilient. Vital for any healer, that is the Feat that helps along with your Focus saves if you’re casting in battle.
  • Struggle Caster. Just like Resilient, however taken up a notch and a perfect Feat for Clerics of any construct.
  • Metamagic Adept. Useful for any spellcaster, however much more helpful for a Cleric and their therapeutic spells.


Dungeons & Dragons Cleric Grave Domain Spellcaster Subclass Xanathar's

The very last thing to contemplate can be an acceptable Background, and there are a couple of that present good abilities for a Cleric.

  • Acolyte. Most builds take this background, because it’s the obvious selection. It contains advantages like Perception and two bonus languages.
  • Faction Agent. Consists of Perception together with Notion and two bonus languages. A good selection for a marketing campaign that includes political intrigue, spies, or a cult.
  • Hermit. Did you select the Nature Area in your Cleric? This is match for a background. These Clerics have the Perception and Medication abilities and might brew their very own potions.
  • Courier. Clerics who’re the face of their get together will discover this increase to their Persuasion and Perception abilities, plus two bonus languages, very useful certainly.

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