Dungeons and Dragons 5e should introduce a class based on the constitution

In Dungeons and Dragons, players have no shortage of classes to choose from. Almost every type of fantasy character is covered by some sort of skill set in the game, from giant warriors in plate armor to mystical spellcasters and empowered servants. magic of mystical creatures. Even so, there’s still room for expansion Dungeons and Dragons‘class assignment table. Wizards of the Coast (WotC) recently proved it by adding Artifier as a new Intelligence-based class, and Matt Mercer’s popular Blood Hunter class offers a compelling new martial arts option. Are from Dungeons and Dragons‘The 5th version is not coming soon, WotC should keep pushing to add new layers.


One direction 5e hasn’t explored is a Constitution-based layer. To some extent, that makes sense; Constitution is merely a measure of a character’s health and vitality, so it does not necessarily help determine a character’s character or skills in a way like a man’s Charisma or Wizard Intelligence. Even so, the Constitution can be the persuasive root for a Dungeons and Dragons classified if WotC thinks creatively with statistics. After all, in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, there is much stranger than a person drawing strength from their own health.

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Central classes on potential constitutions

Orcs in dungeons and dragons

There are several angles that WotC can take in creating a Constitution class. It makes sense to have a strong class of martial artists, similar to D&DBarbarian. The Constitution class can distinguish itself by being less aggressive than barbarians and less magical than knights, focusing instead on stopping attacks for allies and being a barricade for enemies. Maybe this type of tank is inherently good at self-healing, giving them a better chance to absorb damage. Letting this class perform melee weapon attacks with Constitution instead of Strength would also make great use of the center stat, focusing on the character’s energy rather than muscle strength.

While Constitution is naturally geared towards a character with multiple Access Points, that doesn’t mean the Constitution class has to be a tank. WotC can instead create a talisman that uses the Constitution, using the inner life force and life energy to cast spells. Most Dungeons and Dragons classes on spells focuses almost exclusively on using spell slots, but Hotspots can become a valuable alternative resource for a Constitution runner. Although the Access Point probably won’t replace D&DAll magic slots are important to this player, Access Points can be used to empower or modify spells in the way of Metamagic witches. Furthermore, the Constitutional servant’s connection to health could lead to a new class of healers valuable in D&D.

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The case for a constitutional class

Dungeons and Dragons The Player's Handbook 5th Edition Savage Arts

Whether Wizards of the Coast chooses one of these class models or something entirely different, it should somehow give the Constitution a bigger role. The Constitution serves very little purpose in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, only commonly used to increase Access Points and focus on spells. These functions are just as important, they are also very specific and inflexible. It’s hard to find a creative use for the Constitution in D&D 5e. A class built on the Constitution would be WotC’s opportunity to look at the index in a new light by finding alternative uses for it.

The constitution was used a little more in 5e. Several subclasses of gladiators in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything uses the Constitution to determine the DC for features or the amount of daily use a feature has. Even so, warriors are largely encouraged to prioritize Strength or Dexterity over Constitution, meaning it’s not a true class of Constitution. That means there’s still room for the Witches of the Coast to give their own Constitution Dungeons and Dragons class, and it must. Statistics have been underestimated for too long.

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