Dune movie’s first 10 minutes and Zendaya’s key role, revealed

This week, Warner Bros. and Legendary movie reveal the first 10 minutes of Denis Villenueve’s Sand dunes press, which presents the first extended look at Frank Herbert’s latest attempt to film indelible and indelible film. epic sci-fi.

Polygon was lucky enough to be able to attend the IMAX screening, which offered so much Sand dunes than the sword fights and explosions in the trailers.

[Ed. note: This piece contains some spoilers for scenes from the upcoming Dune movie — as well as for Dune, the book from 1965.]

Sand dunes throw out as many as possible as quickly as possible – a logical choice for a world as alien as the Padijah Empire – opens with the voice of Zendaya’s character, Chani, depicts the imperial pressure of the Harkonnen boot on the Fremen tribes of Arakkis.

It was a smart move to include Zendaya as a framing device, since even though she is important to the overall plot of Sand dunes, she is unlikely to appear much elsewhere in the film. Chani was almost completely absent for the first half of the match Sand dunes novels – mostly appearing in the dreams of Timothée Chalamet’s regal character, Paul Atredies. This new adaptation of Sand dunes expected to limit itself to about the first half of the book. (Even so, Legendary hasn’t given the green light for a sequel yet a proper Bene Gesserit-based spin-off focusing on eugenics was ordered.)

Whether intentional or not, the opening is something of an evolution on David Lynch Sand dunes, which begins with one of Paul Atredies’ other courtiers, who barely appears in the film: The royal princess Irulan, is superimposed as a ghost on the stars of the galaxy as she Told us all about Spice.

With Chani’s last line – “Who will be our next oppressor?” – images of sand and ships fade on the title screen and then return to Paul Atredies, waking up in the soft bed of his father’s palace, to the sound of rain showering on the window. It’s an obvious adjoining location, but an important one for Sand dunes.

Expression continues to decrease and flow. Soon after, Paul and his mother demonstrated Bene Gesserit’s ability to convince others using only your voice. Then he actually sat down and looked at a static diagram while we listened to another book retell the Royal equivalent of Arrakis’ Wikipedia entry to him. Despite all the preloaded information, Sand dunesThe opening leaves other mysteries – the ability of mentor Thufir Hawat and the ghostly cloaked Guild Navigators to appear, but without much emphasis.

At the end of the first 10 minutes, House Atredies took the first steps towards the world of Spice. To enjoy the rest of the series, Warner Bros. introduced what could be the first major action sequence in the film, with Paul and Duke Leto’s initial confrontation with a crashed spice harvester. This is followed by a Q&A with Villenueve and composer Hans Zimmer, and a look at the new trailer, slated for release on Thursday.

That scene alone gave us the feeling that Villenueve had returned to some of the images he had created Arrive and Blade Runner 2049 so capture – just more, more, more. The director frames his setup shots to shrink the human figures in them, and the star ships seen in the scene are almost horrifyingly large, the kind of size that makes the brain rebel against the idea that they can leave the ground at all.

Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya in Dune 2020

Photo: Warner Bros.

In a Q&A with Hans Zimmer, Villenueve revealed that his commitment to Sand dunes aliens, despite having human characters, also extend the film’s score.

“Whenever I watch a movie about distant empires, other planets, etc., I always hear the trumpet, the French trumpet and the cello,” said Zimmer, “and I was thinking. wow there are all these amazing civilizations in different parts of the galaxy and at different times and they have the same tools as ours!

The composer’s goal was to get as far as possible from the typical John Williams/space epic score, in part by trying to “invent our own instruments”.

Musical sound in Warner Bros. The presentation includes low-pitched, dogeridoo-like sounds, rough percussion, groaning strings, and contrasting vocals from a predominantly female choir.

“One thing that I feel would be true of any civilization in this world is the human voice,” Zimmer said, adding that the chorus is also a tribute to the key female characters in the series. Sand dunes.

Sand dunes hits theaters worldwide and HBO Max on October 22, 2021.

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