Dune Cinematographer Greig Fraser talks to Denis Villeneuve

Dune’s cinematographer Greig Fraser shares his experience working with director Denis Villeneuve on the popular feature film adaptation.

Dune Greig Fraser Denis Villeneuve

By Denis Villeneuve Sand dunes opened to critical acclaim and has now become a box office success. Much of the sci-fi epic’s success stems from its technical achievements and the way cinematographer Greig Fraser was able to create something visually stunning. In an interview, the cinematographer shared about his experience working on film and with Villeneuve.

Before Sand dunes, Fraser has worked on many famous projects and blockbusters, from Zero Dark Thirty arrive Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Wars: Mandalorian. However, Fraser feels working with Villeneuve on his dream project is another huge feat to accomplish.


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“You have to be an idiot. That’s the thing,” Fraser told Collider after agreeing that a project of the size Sand dunes featuring the cast and crew is a regular occurrence and cannot be ignored. When asked what he was doing when he was first hired and how he started collaborating with Villeneuve, Fraser replied, “But I tell you, I can tell you that, that we talk I sat there, and I listened to him talk for three hours. My first job was to listen to him empty my brain. Apparently he had a plan. I’ve been planning this movie since I was 14 years old. and listening to him say empty ideas he’s had since that time. It’s absolutely fascinating…”

Storyboard by Dune Denis Villeneuve

Terms Sand dunesFraser added that working with Villeneuve has always been a seamless process. “Denis has always been honest with his opinions, that’s why I enjoyed working with that man. There is no ego judgement,” he said. Fraser will add that working in physical locations like Jordan and Abu Dubai helped put out Sand dunes a sense of reality in a vast and otherworldly environment, an aspect that doesn’t appear in many other blockbusters. Fraser added: “I love shooting in the desert. There’s something magical about Jordan and Abu Dhabi.”

Fraser’s unique camera skills combined with Villeneuve’s vision turned something truly breathtaking on the big screen. Dune: Part Two Officially got the green light a week later and will begin filming in July 2022. The sequel will include the second half of Frank Herbert’s popular 1965 novel. Although Fraser has not been confirmed to film the sequel, he will most likely return to team up with Villeneuve once again to create a memorable and thrilling ending. For now, however, fans can experience Sand dunesPictures in theaters ahead of the sequel’s big launch on October 20, 2023.

Sand dunes Follows the Atreides family tasked with managing the dangerous desert planet Arrakis (also known as Dune), which contains the most precious substance in the universe known as “spice”. But taking control of such a valuable planet means the family faces greater conflict.

Sand dunes Currently showing in theaters.

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The source: Collider

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