DualShockers’ favorite games of 2021

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that a lot has happened in the past 12 months, at least not in a real-world context. Suffice to say, a lot has changed here at DualShockers in the last year.

In December 2020, I was preparing to step into the role of SEO Editor and now, just a year later, I am running the website as a Managing Editor. Life comes to you quickly.

But I’m sure the reason you’re clicking this article isn’t to hear about my life and instead, to be curious about what my favorite games I’ve played this year are.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 games I’ve played in 2021.

Metroid Dread | Explore the hunter trailer



Metroid Dread | Explore the hunter trailer






10. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is a pleasure. While its themes range from dark to somber, the setting, art style, and gameplay mechanics are quite unique, and many of the characters are really well-written. Plus, it’s a real tear-jerker.

9. Dicey Dungeons

I don’t get to play as many indie games as I like this year, but of the games I’ve played, I spend the most time on Dicey Dungeons.

I am a fan of roguelike deck building games and this really fits the bill. The game has a good sense of humour, plenty of variety and an addictive gameplay loop. It definitely deserves a spot in my top 10.

8. Sega Picross / Picross WILL

I always see people raving about Picross but never understood the call. However, I found I didn’t have much free time so decided to give it a try. I realize that the praise has been proven.

A relatively simple but extremely addictive puzzle game that became my bedtime addiction for a few months and made my top 10.

7. RE2 Remake / Resident Evil 7 / Village

2021 is a good year to fill in some pretty notable blind spots in my gaming history.

Never Actually play one Resident Evil previous games, aside from an hour or so of the first, I’ve been in not one, not two, but three this year and enjoyed all of them.

I start with Biohazard and, a few odd stories aside, there was an explosion. Then I love RE2 Redo and now doing it my way Village, seems to be halfway through Heisenberg’s factory.

The series is exactly what I’m looking for in video games right now, a compact yet engaging story and some really solid gameplay. I’m definitely glad I jumped in.

6. New Pokemon Snap

I alluded to it again then but the N64 is my all time favorite console and the original Pokemon Snap is one of my favorite games on console, so when I watched the reveal for New Pokemon Snap, I let out a gasp. It doesn’t disappoint.

Although it’s not the most technical game in the world, it’s filled Mule– shape voids. It’s a relaxing, addictive, and therapeutic title that I’ve been absorbed in for hours.

5. Bloodshed

It’s a great game. Although there are some minor performance issues, I like it very much Through the blood.

I’ve never played a “Soulsbourne” previous game and found this to be a good place to start. I’m right. Although I almost gave up a few times, including when I started, I’m glad I stuck with it.

Now, the soul of the devil Beckons.

4. Final Fantasy 7 Remake / Intergrade

Yet another series that I’ve never really touched before.

When I played for the first time Final Fantasy 7 remake at the beginning of this year, I “I like it, I don’t love it.“The more I get away from that game, the more I want to come back.

I love the characters, the world is amazing, it looks nice, the combat system is challenging and it was a great time. Playing Interleaved in the summer really helped solidify these feelings.

Even though I have a work backlog as long as my arm, I think I can go back and replay this in the new year…

3. Monster Hunter Rise

After addiction Monster Hunter World When it was first released, I told myself I wouldn’t get it Rise. I failed but it is worth it.

Rise reminds me of exactly what I love WorldThis time, however, it allowed me to connect with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year due to the pandemic. Bring on DLC.

2. Deathloop

I has reviewed Deathloop because the DualShockers and gave it 9.5/10, the highest score I’ve ever given a game.

It’s the perfect blend of stealth and chaos, filled with characters that are compelling but easily disliked. The gameplay is smooth, the mechanics are smart, and the story is very interesting, only a bit disappointing at the end.

In another year, Deathloop could easily top my list, that’s its quality. Unfortunately, cho Deathloop At least, there’s one game I like a little more.

1. Metroid Dread (Honor, Super Metroid)

If you’ve read my work before, you know I’m a huge Nintendo fan. The N64 is my favorite console ever, I’ve played 1000 hours on my GameCube, still own every handheld, and am now playing my Switch more than any other console. However, considering all of that, up until September, I had never played one Metroid game.

With Awe approaching, I decided it was time to change that and done Super Metroid, a game that still goes exceptionally well. Then after that, I played through Metroid Dread and I was hooked.

Although it was a bit overwhelming at first, as I dug around the map, started getting power-ups and destroyed the EMMI, it became clear that this was something special.

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