Dreams of passage through the dead (Gallows Hall)

Gallows Hall is a Creation introduced in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and has a quest called Dreams of the Dead at its center. This quest involves many steps and actually has some objects that can confuse the player a bit. For fans who find themselves stuck in certain parts of SkyrimDreams of the Dead quest, this guide is here to assist by providing a complete guide.

Skyrim: How to Start Dreams of the Dead

The first step to completing the quest Dreams of the Dead is to start it and that is done by visiting Gallows Hall in the northeast corner of Mara’s Eye Pond. For the uninitiated, this pond is located slightly southwest of Windhelm and the player will enter Gallows Hall through a wooden door near a floating boat. Once inside Gallows Hall, fans should read Naara’s Journal, on the ground near a corpse, to begin the quest.


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Skyrim Dreams of the Dead: Arch Necromancer’s First Clue (Torch Puzzle)

While the quest is in progress, the player should go to the stone table with the map on it and read the First Clue of the Arch Necromancer. From there, fans will need to interact with four of the torches on the columns surrounding the center of the room, and that will be done in the following order: Torch of Morthal, Torch of Falkreath, Torch of the Nightgate Inn, Torch of Fort Dunstad. Once that is done, the player should pick up the Staff of Worms, which will drop to the ground, and proceed to the next step.

Skyrim Dreams of the Dead: Finding Employee Uses

Here, Skyrim fan should equip the Worm Staff and return to the door they went through when entering the room. They should then turn left when they reach that doorway and approach the coffin in the corner. There is a Skeleton Mage in that coffin, which the player should raise with the staff and interact with each other to obtain the Key of the Arch Necromancer.

Skyrim Dreams of the Dead: Arch Necromancer’s Second Clue (Dream World)

Players should now use the Arch Necromancer’s Key to unlock the nearby safe and get a second clue. After reading this clue, fans should activate the Shrine of Vaermina, a small statue on a shelf that leans against the wall, then sleep on the bed next to the corpse where the quest begins. This action will transport the player into a dream world where they will need to steal three Dreamers Soul Gems from the coffers scattered around the room.

Skyrim Dreams of the Dead: Arch Necromancer’s Final Instruction

Once the third Soul Gem has been collected, the player will find themselves back at the altar in the middle of the room, and they should read the final instructions on it. They will then pick up the fourth Dreamer’s Soul Gem from the ground next to the corpse and stuff all the Gems into the holders on the altar. After the last gem has been inserted, fans should interact with the altar to complete the Dream of the Dead search in Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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