Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date And Delay Explained!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been delayed for the longest time and now fans are wondering if there is still a Season 2 for the anime.

No new news has been released in the last week and that’s where we are with the expected release date and explanation for the delay.

The first episode of Dragon Ball Super aired on July 5, 2015 and was an instant hit among Dragon Ball fans around the world.

One hundred and thirty-one volumes were released with the title of the last volume being “A Magical Conclusion! Goodbye, Goku! Until we meet again! ” and fans have been waiting for the anime to return ever since.

Toei Animation, the studio behind the Dragon Ball Series is said to have started on Season 2 but no official news has been announced yet.

There have been hints for a new second movie in behind-the-scenes work after the Dragon Ball Super movie was released.

Dragon Ball Super season 2

Many fans were expecting the second part of the Dragon Ball anime to feature Broly, but it has been confirmed that Broly will not be participating in the second season.

The Dragon Ball Super manga has been going on for a while, and although the series has moved away from the anime plot, it’s very likely that the Moro part will get an adaptation for the second season of the anime.

Everything about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super 2 is just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed yet, today we are going to discuss how things are going at Toei Animation and when we can expect Season 2. 2 is released.

So with all of that, there’s a question that pops up in everyone’s mind.

Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie Announced

As fans are looking forward to seeing Dragon Ball Season 2, a movie has been announced for 2022.

During the San Diego comic book event, the full title of the film was revealed to be “Dragon Ball Super Hero”. Animation studio Toei is working on a movie but no announcement has been made, but now everything is officially announced.

The first teaser of the movie has been released. Here it is!

Although fans are hyping about a Dragon Ball Super movie, this teaser means that the second season of the anime has been pushed to next year. We’ve shared the release date below.

Will There Be A Part 2 Of Dragon Ball Super?

Yes, although a release date has yet to be set, a new season of Dragon Ball Super has been confirmed. Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is a possibility, Season 1 ended at the end of the Arc Tournament of Power and there’s a lot that wasn’t covered in Season 1.

Vegeta’s promise to Cabbba to visit Planet Sadal after the tournament is over is still in place, and we expect Season 2 to have Vegeta visit Sadal planet.

Most anime adaptations are based on their ongoing manga chapters but Dragon ball is different. Anime Dragon Ball Super has always had its own plot and manga has always lagged behind.

We don’t expect the upcoming Dragon Ball Super 2 to be entirely based on the ongoing manga, maybe Toei will have a unique storyline for the anime.

So when can we expect it to be released, in fact?

There is news about Overlord Part 4 and One Punch Man Part 3 will also be released soon, so we will keep you updated with their news as well.

Anime Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Estimated Release Date

Due to the COVID-19 situation, many anime and manga titles have been delayed and that may be one of the reasons why Dragon Ball Super season 2 anime did not release this week.

According to some unofficial sources on Twitter, The Dragon Ball Super Season 2 anime will start airing in July 2023, after the DBS hero movie is premiered.

According to an article by Newsweek, Season 2 is said to be in pre-production, and if this information is true, the likelihood of Season 2 releasing in 2023 will greatly increase.

Newsweek explained that Season 1 felt rushed and that the animations in some episodes were also subpar. Toei this time wants to bring out the best in terms of plot and animation and that’s why Season 2 of the anime has been delayed.

Plot and plot expectations

The Tournament of Power Arc is the main focus of the Season 1 anime but things are different from the manga. Currently, the Moro part is happening in the manga and fans are expecting that it will be the main focus of Season 2.

The plot of Dragon Ball Super

Moro is a person who has haunted the universe in thousands of universes and he obtains his power by devouring life force from planets and that is why he is a threat to many universes. The universe. Goku and Vegeta have been training hard against Moro but will their new powers be enough?

The Moro arc will make for a good storyline for Dragon Ball Super 2, but fans want more. Fans want Toei animator Vegeta to visit planet Sadala and meet the king. Vegeta will probably train them and tell them the story of King Vegeta and how Planet Vegeta exploded in Universe 7.

Here’s what popular YouTuber CallMEARJ had to say about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super season.

NS Anime Solo Leveling An adaptation has been announced and will begin airing soon, we hope to see the same with the Dragon Ball Super 2 anime and Baki part 4.

We will keep you updated with all the latest manga and anime news, so stay tuned and follow us on all our social media channels so you get news regarding the release of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 as soon as it is announced.

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