Dragon Age Chantry Hierarchy Explained

Chantry was the dominant religion of Thedas in Dragon age. Its teachings are based on the Bible, written by the prophet of the religion, Andraste. Those in Chantry believe in the Creator, a single god who created souls, mortals, Fade, and the physical world. The Dragon age religion founded by the first emperor of Orlais, Kordillus Drakon. All followers of Chantry are called Andrastians.

In Orlesian Chantry is a hierarchy that begins with the Lay Brothers and Sisters and works all the way to the Divine. There are many ranks in the hierarchy, and most are made up of human women, as Chantry believes that men are more vulnerable to passion and anger and that races other than human are far from More creators.


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Low rank

Inside a Chantry.

At the bottom of the Chantry hierarchy are the Lay Brothers and Sisters. They are not an infidel or in the priesthood, but living and working in Chantry is the same. They do not have to take an oath, but simply affirm that they believe in the Creator, the Chant of Light and Andraste. Many of these people were admitted to the camp by Chantry because they were orphans or had a difficult life that forced them to live in seclusion.

Right above the Lay Brothers and Sisters, whose duties include a variety of duties from ensuring meals are delivered to Lyrium manager storehouse. They care for the members and are divided into three groups: missionary, confirmed, and fellow. Beginners can train to become followers or further researchers in scholarly fields, while clerics are known as Chantry scholars and oversee the archives of the Chantry. Chantry. They hold knowledge and can be found frequently in libraries. At a certain age, clerics may be called “elders”.

High rankings

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The highest position a man can get in Chantry is High Chancellor. Compared to the clergy, the status might be considered low, but these were the real men who had entered the inner circle of the God Race. They can put her words around Thedas and even advise her on certain topics. It’s a very special position for a man, as most of the men who join Chantry are usually limited to being Brothers or temples. unless going to Tevinter.

The siblings above are Mother, and they supervise the ones below them. Mothers tend to focus on their own mental well-being. If a Mother has the leadership of Chantry, she will receive the title of “Honored Mother”. In charge of a Chantry, such women tend to donate to help the poor and take care of the sick. Both the Mother and the Revered Mother are often referred to as “Your Honor.” They also have the right to celebrate weddings and Lyrium distribution for the Templar Lệnh Command.

The title above the Revered Mother is Grand Cleric. These women can control many temples in a region or city. They are the Divine Voters, and Divisions are usually chosen from the Grand Clerics. The women were asked sometimes to come to Val Royeaux to attend important meetings and decisions of Chantry. They are the ones who have the power to summon a Right of cancellation can purge the entire Circle of Magi if they are deemed irreplaceable. Grand Clerics are often referred to as “Ladies and Gentlemen.”


Statue looking down at Leliana.

Divine herself is a single woman at the top of the Chantry hierarchy. She has the right to declare Glorious marches, were religious crusades that sent armies against groups that Chantry considered heretical. She can also name each Age, such as Age of Excellence, Age of Tower, and Age of Dragons. In terms of the Circle of Magi, she can give mages the title of High Enchanter. In the early days of Chantry, Divine was seen as a “warrior-priest” position, as the first Divine served as a female general working under Emperor Drakon of Orlais.

When a woman becomes a Divine, she will give up her name for a new name. Common God names include Justinia, Amara, Beatrix, and Theodosia. Historically, if a Divine became too old to make coherent decisions for Chantry, her role became purely ceremonial. The divisions hold their place until death, although they often name those they hope to take their place after they pass away.

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